Rant: Poptropica’s Hunger for Money

EDIT: The creators commented on our post! Click here to see their comment! Thanks for understanding, Poptropica!

Me: Hm, let me see what’s on the official Poptropica blog today!


Me: Oh that sounds awesome! Just let me log in…

*realizes everything is members only*


I was working on the recap post of Sarah Snooty’s Birthday Party, but NOPE! No fun and silly post today. Instead, you have this rant! Isn’t that awesome? I bet it’s what you were looking forward today even though I said on the Clawtropica Chat that the recap post was coming out today! 😀


We’ve got to have MONEY! – Poptropica

Alright, I’m done being sarcastic. Anyway, believe it or not, ALL of these updates were freaking members only! (Except the summer outfits, only half of them aren’t)

Let’s get started with the 2 color changing outfits. They look amazing, but too bad! Money takes priority! Members only!

Next up we have a house expansion which is summer themed, and just looks amazing! Well, it’s members only! Do you think Club Penguin, ugh.. I mean Poptropica Worlds would give such amazing items for free? Ha!

Also, let’s not forget the item we’ve all wanted since PW released… drumroll please…drumroll plays… it’s the colorizer! It’s back guys!! Oh, but wait it’s changed a bit! But it still works! For members only! Have you forgotten about the bleached people, Poptropica?!

But wait — the Creators aren’t all for money! They still gave us some… outfits. Really, Creators? After all these awesome updates you also throw some garbage out of the window, just so you can prove that you appreciate all your fans. What are we, 4?! We can obviously see your hunger for money…

Oh, but wait! There’s one last thing! I saved THE WORST for last! The house expansion also comes with a glitch, but unlike the new room and items, the glitch is for EVERYONE!

They literally RESET MY ENTIRE HOUSE! I’m not even kidding! I spent HOURS working on making the perfect house, and all my hard work is gone! 😡

I understand that Poptropica is a business and you guys need money, but seriously?! SERIOUSLY?! I’m fine on making non-members play the islands a month later, I resisted with the members-only islands, I tolerated the fact that non-members couldn’t save their costumes, but making all the cool things members only, and resetting our houses is just stupid, mean and a super selfish act!

What’s next, Creators? Making HOUSES members only? Making all the islands members only? Making the WHOLE GAME members only?!

That last paragraph was meant as a joke, but I honestly don’t know what to expect anymore from you guys. I’m really disappointed in you, and instead of giving excuses, try LISTENING to us for a change. I didn’t wait a whole year for this thing. And neither did anyone else.

I’m done.

Rant over.


42 thoughts on “Rant: Poptropica’s Hunger for Money

  1. Wow, just wow. Honestly, I really hope the creators see this post and make a change to this because, as you said, poptropicans didn’t wait a full year for this to happen. Diehard Pop fans deserve better.

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  2. Thank you for taking the time to voice your concerns. We love hearing from you and wanted to address some of your worries regarding our recent release, which includes updates to membership features. First of all, we firmly believe in making a free game that can be enjoyed by all. Island play and standard features in the game are free of charge and available for everyone. At the same time, members also have special perks to give that membership value. While all players get a standard customizable Home, avatar customization abilities, and cool outfits, members get enhanced customization benefits with this new release. There are tons of cool costumes, store items, and more for non-members and members alike to experience and enjoy.

    We take pride in the high quality art and production of Poptropica and all of that comes at a high production cost. All the amazing people that work at Poptropica (and there’s many of us!) do not work for free and need to be able to monetize the game, as do all companies. Many online gaming memberships are run in a similar fashion by offering special benefits to members. However, at Poptropica our membership does not infringe on gameplay.

    We hope you understand that we never want to make our amazing fans feel unhappy with the product and will continue to roll our features for both non-members and members. We want to grow the valuable content available for both membership and non-membership experiences.

    -Poptropica HQ

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    • We’re really glad you reached out to us, and while you did give some good points, we still have our fair use of arguments too.

      First, the colorizer. While is was free on Poptropica, you made it members only! That’s unfair, and well, kinda stupid!

      What about the fact that your glitch restarted my house?! I spent so much time over NOTHING! My whole progress is gone, just like that!

      Non-Members also want house expansions! There’s just such little place! I really want some more room, and I’m sure that everyone else does too.

      As for the summer outfits, they’re okay, but you just threw them out of the window.

      Again, thanks for commenting, and please try to make your game less about money, and more about your fans’ happiness. (Also please fix the freaking house glitch)


  3. My house gets reset like every other time I enter it; welcome to club annoyance, buddy! I can tolerate the other things, but taking an original Poptropics free feature and introducing it as a membership feature in a time when Poptropica Worlds lacked customization is just cruel. I probably jinked something like this to happen – I’ve said something along the lines of the intentives to buy membership were rather lacking before now, but they piled on the incentives this update , for sure ^^’. Just not happy the colorizer is among those incentives. Nice post by the way.

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    • Nope, my house progress RESTARTED from the beginning! It’s empty now! It’s not the glitch that your items disappear for a second of two.

      Anyway, I strongly agree. The colorizer was so much fun! Thanks for reading and commenting on this post, btw. 🙂


      • To be honest I didn’t try the update until after I posted my comment so I didn’t know it legitimately reset everything in the house to square one ^^’. I thought you meant everything just got returned to the inventory since that happens to me consistently. My bad lol. And no problem.

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