You’re Invited: Sarah Snooty’s Birthday Party!

Hey fans! 😘 It’s me, Sarah Snooty, and I’m here to invite you to my amazing birthday party, which is probably going to be better than yours.


Yesterday, Purple Claw said that a party would be hosted Sunday. But what he didn’t say is that my birthday is on Sunday, so I paid him because I wanted this to be my party, just because I can. He also mentioned that the party was going to be a small one, but since it’s my birthday, you should all better come because I’ll get really mad. And trust me, no one wants to see me mad.

So, since you’re all interested for my birthday party (you better be), you’re wondering which are the party details, right? Read below. 😻

WHO? Everyone’s invited, duh! I may be rich, but I’m not so mean; I have a heart! I think…

WHEN? On Sunday, July 30 @ 1 PM EST – 6 PM UK (If you don’t live in any of those places, check a time converter to see what time will it be where you live!)

WHERE? On the Clawtropica Chat of course! It’s on Discord, the place where people used to troll me. 😡

WHY? To celebrate my birthday, duh! I’m becoming 16, and I want this birthday to be the best birthday I’ve ever been to! Understood?

THEME? You can wear something pink, but I don’t even care. It can also be something fancy, but whatever.

I won’t be on the party the entire time, because, well, I’m a rich celebrity, and I have to act like one. You can ask me questions and stuff, but I probably can’t answer all of them in one day. I may have to guest post in the future (or even take over) to get all of them answered.

Anyway, hope you guys can make it, and do not try to ruin my party, because I’ll call the cops on you! I’m out.

-Sarah Snooty💗


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