A Poptropican Summer


Happy summer (and winter to those below the equator), Poptropicans!

Summer is a great season in Poptropica, with many events leading up to the school year. This is how to play, the summer way! As we go, I shall create some things related to summer, incorporating Poptropica. Let’s start the road trip!

Islands of the Summer

Many islands in the world of Poptropica contain vacation-like elements, such as the following: Reality TVShark ToothNabootiPoptropiConMonster CarnivalWimpy BoardwalkBack LotPoptropolis Games, and Skullduggery.

Reality TV- well, takes place on a tropical island? Doesn’t it just scream vacation to you? It also has a large mountain, which are common on islands, coconuts, and turtles. From statues to palm trees, RTV whips you into a televised vacation. In Shark Tooth… a shark. It also takes place in a tropical location, which gives the feel of traveling the world during the season. Shark attacks are very common at this time, considering it is the summer time. Moving on to Nabooti, it just gives me the feel of traveling the world again.

PoptropiCon, a decent episodic island, is also a good one due to being based off of San Diego’s ComicCon, which mostly commences in July, a summer month. Monster Carnival is also fitting because a good time for carnivals is usually during times of fun and sunshine. Simply, carnivals are select for midsummer nights. Also, have you noticed the beautiful sunsets in this island? Oh my gosh, they’re amazing along with the scenery.

Wimpy Boardwalk? It’s… a beach. Do I have to explain this one? Just a beach, a boardwalk, both are summer elements. Anyways, moving on! On Back Lot, we have more amazing sunsets, and that’s just about it there. Over with the Poptropolis Games, it’s very appropriate for the occasion of the Summer Olympics. Which, obviously take place at this time!

To finish it off. Skullduggery Island also gives the feel of traveling the world. And ships, boats, sandy shores, vast oceans? This is something alright! Also… you thought it was over, but there’s one last island: Crisis Caverns. A Poptropica Worlds island! (Yes, even more world travel.) Many Americans and others around the world head west to Yellowstone National Park, which Caldera State Park is mostly likely based off of, having geysers and supervolcanoes. To make this not long, moving on!

Sandy Store Cards

Many store cards also give summer feels, many of them. Poptropica Worlds also has some summer outfits, along with the original Poptropica’s.

Some things in the store for the summertime are an Ice Cream costume, Spray TanScuba GearMythology Surfer, Tiger SharkHammerhead Shark, several Pirate costumes, the Big Burger costume, the Hot Dog outfit, FireworksSilly Streams, the Poptropican-sized Beach BallMeteor Shower, a Pufferfish costume, a Diving Suit, the Burnt Orange Tan PowerHeat Wave, and the Beach Umbrella. These all represent our current season.

The Events

Oh, I said it. A great part in the community itself is our summertime events. Don’t you know what I’m talking about? Yes, yes, none other than the Poppies! The annual awards, hosted by the PHB! As you know already, the blog you’re reading right now, Clawtropica, was nominated for Best Active Fan Blog. Now that voting’s closed, we can only hope y’alls voted for us!

Oh, um, also, yeah, me, myself, G-Hopper, was nominated for Best MPIP! Thanks to all the nominators and all the support! Now consider the following:


Trash photo editing provided by a G-Hopper without a computer, outside of his home state. (We hope you did what the image said!)

New updated and probably more socially acceptable photo editing by Purple Claw, with Adobe Photoshop, inside his room.

Enjoy your summer (or winter), Poptropicans! We sure hope you have tons and tons of fun!

P.S: Sorry for the inactivity! This summer has been filled with family time, life and all. Let’s hope for more posts by me!

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Any pronouns, level 14. Poptropica blogging since 2016, friendly neighborhood PHC mod. Musician-author person of sorts. Have a beautiful day guys, gals, & nonbinary pals. 🙆

6 thoughts on “A Poptropican Summer

  1. That’s quite an interesting post!

    I agree with every island you mentioned there, even with Skullduggery, but for another reason. You see, Skullduggery is a frustratingly difficult and boring island, and it may take a player sometime to complete it. It took me to 4-5 days, just because I was bored to death by doing all those trades.

    My personal favorite summer-themed store item Beach Umbrella because I like putting it everywhere I go. I also enjoy the Burnt Orange Tan Power because that’s literally me exposed to the sun for half an hour. XD

    Anyway, I loved this post, and I had a really fun time reading it and re-making the graphics. Best of luck on the Poppies! 🙂


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