TMAOBN Fan-Fiction is coming back! Well, sorta…

I know what you’re all thinking.


Myron Van Buren: PC!! Wasn’t that fan-faction dead?!

Me: No! Well, yes…  But it’s coming back, so stop talking and let me continue… Also, why are you here?! Go away!

Myron Van Buren: Uh, fine. I only came back to ask you why I’m not the worst ever villain of Poptropica.

Me: Get over it.

Anyway, TMAOBN won’t just be continued, it will be re-booted. I’m sorry, everyone, but honestly, looking back at what I’ve written made me cringe so hard, that I honestly couldn’t release the next chapters.

I also had the idea of making a new fan-fiction which would be shorter than TMAOBN, but more promising.

For now, I have no idea of what should I do. Sooo, I’ll let you guys choose by answering a poll! Yaaayyy! 😀

Well, thanks for having time to read this short post and possibly answer my poll! That was PC signing off until next time!

🐾 Purple Claw 🐾


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