Nominate Clawtropica for the Poppies 2017!

Hey there Clawtropicans, it’s me Purple Claw, and it’s time for the Poppies 2017 AKA my favorite time of the year!


The Poppies is the biggest event in the Poptropica community, and so many things happen! The are awards, people dress up fancy, and it’s just an amazing experience! Think of it as the Grammies, but Poptropica. 🙂 It’s hosted by the Poptropica Help Blog, to celebrate its 9th birthday!

One of the awards, and my personal favorite is the Best Active Fansite. Clawtropica is an active fansite (more great posts are coming out soon), so we’d like to take a place on the Poppies too!

We were also nominated last year, but honestly, I don’t even know how; the blog was kinda stupid back then… Anyway, we’d like to thank everyone who voted last year, and everyone who voted and/or is planning to vote for us this year!

Even though I’m a PHB author myself, please keep in mind that Clawtropica ≠ PHB, so we’re on equal footing with every other nominate-able fansites.

We know getting past the nominees is going to be harder than last time, since so many new absolutely amazing blogs were created within all these months, but we hope you’ll consider voting us again! Remember, you can vote three sites, so you can also include two other ones!

Also, did any of you make fancy costumes for the Poppies? If so, please share them in the comment section below! Here’s mine:



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About Purple Claw

Hi! Name's John, but more commonly known in the internet as Purple Claw (or PurpleClaw750). I have my own Poptropica blog, write for the PHB, and co-run a network for Poptropica blogs. As you've probably guessed by now, I'm a big fan of Poptropica. My username is donatloul, and my favorite islands are Astro-Knights & Arabian Nights. Besides Pop, I'm also a fan of cartoons such as Steven Universe, Star vs. the Forces of Evil and more! My favroite color is purple (duh) & my favorite animals are owls. I'm ace and aromantic, and a huge supporter of love. I consider myself to be a traditional artist, blogger, writer, good friend, awkward introvert and a believer of Christ. Well, that's pretty much all I have to say... You can leave now. p.s.: feel free to talk to me whenever you want! I might not see it right away, but I check my social media as often as possible. Though, the best ways to reach me are from and Discord. ;)

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