Top 5 Most Underrated Poptropica Islands

Hey guys! It’s me PC, and today, I’m going to take a look back at some of the most underrated (or forgotten) islands in Poptropica’s history. I’m not saying that these islands are necessarily awesome, but they do get less attention than they deserve. Let’s get started, shall we?


5. Wild West Island

This island is great, but it’s really underrated. No one seems to talk about it. It’s really fun, and honestly, I’d prefer this over Skulduggery any day. The story is basically that El Mustachio Grande escapes Marshal Taylor’s prison, and you have to be the one who puts him and his friends behind bars! The story isn’t really bad, but at the same time, it’s a lot like a western cliche, so I understand that a lot of people didn’t enjoy the island that much.

4. Mission Atlantis

Mission Atlantis isn’t the best Poptropica island, but I wouldn’t call it the worst either. Sure, it can get really repetitive at times, but the overall story is great, and I’d recommend this island to anyone. The visuals are beautiful, and it has that overall mysterious and spoopy tone to it, which makes it great. But, as I said above, the same things keep happening which makes it… kinda boring.

3. Mystery Train Island

I personally adore this island! It takes place in 1893, and some of the world’s brightest minds are travelling by the train to the World’s fair in Chicago, but mysterious crime is done, and of course, you have to be the hero. This island is (sort of) educational, but I would recommend it to anyone! The only problem is that on this island, there is A TON of going back and forth, which can become a little annoying at times…

2. Game Show Island

Ah, Game Show Island! The island that introduces us to great… game shows (10/10 PC, that was very poetic). It’s about a world ruled by robots, and unfortunately, humans are treated like their filthy servants by them, so you have to join 5 popular game shows to prove that humans aren’t… filthy servants..? (also very poetic 11/10) This island is great, but the overall plot isn’t so refined as some other islands’ plots (*cough* *cough* Ghost Story, Vampire’s Curse *cough* *cough*)

1. Twisted Thicket

Twisted Thicket is one of my favorite islands, and honestly, I have no idea why people barely talk about it. I’m sure they don’t think it’s bad, but it sure is one forgotten island… To me, it’s the most beautiful island in the whole history of Poptropica! Its backgrounds are stunning, and honestly, I liked them more than Crisis Caverns’. The overall plot was amazing, and it had a kind message at the end.

For real now, I couldn’t find an island that gets no attention at all, but I do think all of these islands get less attention they deserve. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this list! It you did, please show support by commenting below! If you have any suggestions for future Top 5 Lists, let me know! That was PC, signing off until my next post!

 🐾 Purple Claw 🐾


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