Poptropica Worlds – Pros & Cons

Heyyy Clawtropicans! It’s me Purple Claw, and today I’m going to make a post about my thoughts for Poptropica Worlds! I was going to do a review, but a lot of people also did reviews too, so, I’m trying something different: this time I’ll talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Poptropica Worlds! Enough rambling, let’s get started!


Poptropica Worlds is… interesting. I don’t adore it; I don’t hate it, but I do have mixed thoughts about it. I mean, as of now, I can’t even play the game online, and my Poptropican is bleached (#bleachyboy4prez17). This game has a lot potential though, so let’s get started with the pros!

  • Poptropica Worlds has a lot of great features, such as houses, new outfits, etc.
  • Poptropica Worlds is visually stunning – the colors, the lighting and shading are used just perfectly; I haven’t seen such great backgrounds in the original game.
  • The animation is really great too, since Unity is a better animating program than Flash.
  • I really like the new design of our avatars – it’s much more detailed!
  • The new outfits in the store are really nice-looking, even though there aren’t a lot of them.
  • I like how when your Poptropican isn’t moving, they yawn or kick the ground. It makes them more alive! (ALIVE!)
  • There doesn’t seen to be a gender restriction on items, which is a really cool thing! 🙂
  • Etc, etc…

Well, that’s everything over the top of my head. But now, it’s time to view the negative side of Poptropica Worlds! Ready? Let’s begin!

  • Poptropica Worlds is really lacking some content. I’m sure we were expecting more stuff when the game released.  That’s not a problem right now, since I’m sure more content will be added soon!
  • Well, the game is SUPER glitchy. Just like I mentioned above, I can’t even play the game online due to a seriously annoying glitch, and my Poptropican is a bleachy boy (that’s what the Poptropica community calls the Afro Guy in Worlds)
  • The customization options aren’t ”endless”. Please bring back the customizer!
  • We also need a colorizer! Please, creators! (Then I can un-bleach my Poptropican, and we’ll all be glad)
  • The story on Crisis Caverns looked rushed or unfinished. I’m not saying it’s bad or anything, but c’mon Creators! You’ve done Red Dragon, Ghost Story, Astro-Knights, Vampire Curse; what’s stopping you from making amazing stories like those? I don’t blame you for this though, since you’ll have much more time to make even better stories!
  • And that’s it.

As you can see, I could think more positive things than negative things, which is a good thing. Anyway, thanks for reading this post! That was PC, signing out until next time!

 🐾 Purple Claw 🐾

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Hi! Name's John, but more commonly known in the internet as Purple Claw (or PurpleClaw750). I have my own Poptropica blog, write for the PHB, and co-run a network for Poptropica blogs. As you've probably guessed by now, I'm a big fan of Poptropica. My username is donatloul, and my favorite islands are Astro-Knights & Arabian Nights. Besides Pop, I'm also a fan of cartoons such as Steven Universe, Star vs. the Forces of Evil and more! My favroite color is purple (duh) & my favorite animals are owls. I'm ace and aromantic, and a huge supporter of love. I consider myself to be a traditional artist, blogger, writer, good friend, awkward introvert and a believer of Christ. Well, that's pretty much all I have to say... You can leave now. p.s.: feel free to talk to me whenever you want! I might not see it right away, but I check my social media as often as possible. Though, the best ways to reach me are from WordPress.com and Discord. ;)

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