Meltene: The Finale

This is the final chapter of ”Meltene”. Let’s thank Teen Arachnid again, for writing this awesome fan-fiction. 🙂


“Metal Trio, attack!” G-Hopper demanded. The Metal Trio shot bronze, silver, and gold putty at the the heroes’ feet. The heroes couldn’t move their legs.

“Ugh, we need to find a way to get out of this,” said Tall Cactus.

“Maybe you can shoot water at it, causing it to go away somehow,” UiPE suggested.

“Okay, let me try it,” Tall Cactus. She shot water at the putty, and they still could not get out of it.

“Wait,” Yujo said, “maybe if we combine water, rainbow, light, and air, we could remove it!” So, they tried Yujo’s idea. Somehow, it worked.

“Team, crawl into this tunnel, now!” Jackie demanded.

“Follow them!” G-Hopper yelled.

1 1/2 minutes later…

“Where are we?” Yujo asked.

“Oh no,” said Jackie, “we took a wrong turn in the tunnel. We’re at the rooftop battle arena.”

“Excellent! Our plan worked!” Ringmaster Raven yelled with joy.

“What plan?” Burt asked.

“The secret plan that Black Widow, G-Hopper, and I came up with. Black Widow, bring out the machines!” Raven answered.

“Okay, honey!” Black Widow yelled.

“You see, I’m G-Hopper’s secret godfather,” Raven explained.

“What are those machines gonna do?” Purple Claw asked.

“They will suck anyone with powers into it,” Raven answered.

“Wait, so you’re turning against us?” asked Speeding Spike.

“Correct!” Black Widow yelled!

“Well, you’re gonna have to fight us first!” Perfect Sky yelled back.

“Team, attack!” Tall Cactus demanded.

“Well, it’s gonna be hard to beat my ghost powers and Ringmaster Raven’s dark powers,” Black Widow said.

“She’s right, we can only do this if us villains team up with you guys,” Burt said to Tall Cactus.

“Then let’s call a truce and take down those other villains,” she replied.

“Team, attack!” Burt and Tall Cactus demanded in unison.

About 3 minutes have passed. So far, Short Feather, Crusher, Perfect Sky, Director D, UiPE, Speeding Spike, and Slanted Fish have been sucked into the machine.

“Guys, we need to get them out of there!” Purple Claw yelled.

“What if we- what’s the fudgeball is that?!” Yujo yelled.

All of a sudden, a bright figure floated down from the sky.

“Greetings, it is I, Skinny Moon, goddess of the moon,” she said.

“Mom, tell G-Hopper to stop being evil!” Jackie yelled.

“G-Hopper, stop this at once!” Skinny Moon demanded.

“Never!” G-Hopper replied.

“Well then, I’ll to teach you a lesson,” Skinny Moon said.

Suddenly, the machines bursted, and the once-trapped powered people were set free.

“Now guys, attack!” Skinny Moon, Burt, and Tall Cactus yelled.

“Ghosts, help us!” Black Widow demanded.

“What’s going on?” Yujo asked.

“The ghosts, they are attacking us,” Captain Crawfish answered.

“But we can’t fight back,” Slanted Fish said.

“WHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Ringmaster Raven yelled.

Suddenly, a inferno-like figure appeared out of nowhere.

“Take that!” he said. The powered person shot fire out of his hands at the three villains, causing them to blast off.

“Oh no, we’re blasting off again!” the three villains yelled.

“Wait, why are we saying ‘again’?” G-Hopper asked.

“It’s an Easter Egg,” Raven replied.

“Guys, I know who that guy is… it’s Happy Panda!” Perfect Sky yelled.

“No way!” UiPE said.

The huge team surrounded Happy Panda, cheering and crying tears of joy.

“Wait… you were dead!” Purple Claw said.

“Skinny Moon revived me,” Happy Panda replied.

“Yes, and sadly, I’ll have to take away all of your powers,” Skinny Moon said.

“Wait, where’s Silva and Bucky?” Tall Cactus asked.

“Only time can tell,” Skinny Moon said.

“What does that mean?” Tall Cactus asked.

“Well, look at the time! It’s time to take away your powers and erase your memories of this event. Bye!” Skinny Moon said.

The heroes wake up in the school basement, and Silva and Bucky are nowhere to be found. Find out next when our journey continues! 😉


8 thoughts on “Meltene: The Finale

  1. the pokemon reference though
    g freaking g
    also another slight easter egg: take Yujo’s idea of water, rainbow, light, and air, replace rainbow and light with earth and fire, and you get a summation of Avatar: The Last Airbender

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