Meltene: Chapter 9


“Hello, hot thing,” Purple Claw flirted. (PC’s note: WTH?!?!)

“Pssst, stop flirting,” Tall Cactus whispered to Purple Claw.

“But she’s hot, even though she is cold,” said Purple Claw.

“Anyways, I hope that fall didn’t startle you too much,” said Jackie.

“Nah, I’m used to falling in Hollywood stunts,” Bucky replied.

“Why is your brother evil?” UiPE asked.

“You see,” said Jackie, “Our mother, Skinny Moon, the goddess of the Moon, said that on my 18th birthday, I would be appointed the queen of all the elements. My brother, G-Hopper, was mad, because we are twins, and he’ll turn 18 the same day I do. But my mother says she picked me because I was created .001 seconds before him. My brother wants to get his revenge by destroying the moon, causing its pieces to fall on the Earth, destroying everything on it. But he couldn’t do it alone, so he hired the villains to help him.”

“Wow, we have to stop him!” said Slanted Fish.

“But how?” asked Mr. Silva.

“Oh, oh, I know!” yelled Perfect Sky.

“What is it?” Tall Cactus asked.

“We can destroy the moon so he can’t!” she stupidly said.

“Girl, you need some help,” said UiPE.

“Sorry, but I hit my head when I fell,” Perfect Sky explained. Suddenly, there was banging on the entrance to Jackie’s hiding place.

“Aw fudge, they found us!” Yujo yelled. Right after she said that, the entrance opened, and in came the villains.

“Time to be… destroyed! WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” G-Hopper yelled.

Will the heroes survive, or will the villains be successful? Find out on the next, and long, chapter!

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