Meltene: Chapter 8


About a minute has passed, and everyone was still in the black hole. All the villains were trying attack the heroes, but it was impossible due to the gravity of the black hole. About 30 seconds after that, they all landed in an icy palace. Then, four dark figures appeared.

“Hello, I’m G-Hopper, the Ice Prince. And I have given y’all your powers! You’re welcome,” said the Ice Prince.

“Uh, this dude and I don’t have powers,” Mr. Silva said.

“SHUT UP! Oh, sorry, I don’t know what has gotten into… into… ME!” G-Hopper said.

“He has a problem,” said Yujo.

“Okay, a little birdie told me some of y’all aren’t villains,” said G-Hopper.

“For the millionth time, I’m not a bird! I’m a bird-boy!” yelled Ringmaster Raven.

“Whatever. And a little spider told me…” said G-Hopper.

“I am not a spider!” yelled Black Widow.

“Whatever. Anyways, meet my fellow evil makers,” said G-Hopper.

“I’m Speeding Spike. I’m the one who made all the light-blue lightning, and I have lightning powers,” the fast villain said.

“I’m Black Widow, and I have Ghost powers. I’m basically the new Hades,” she said.

“And I’m Ringmaster Raven, and I have dark powers,” he said.

“Moving on. If you guys are true villains, destroy the non-villains, now!” G-Hopper demanded.

“No!” screamed Slanted Fish. All of a sudden, the floor opened under the heroes, causing them to fall for what seemed like forever. But really, it was only for five seconds.

“Hello, who are you?” a humble voice asked.

“Don’t attack us, please!” yelled Yujo.

“Nonsense,” the voice said, “I’m a good guy. I’m Jackie Frost, sister of G-Hopper, the Ice Prince.”


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