Meltene: Chapter 7


“Finally, we are here!” yelled Perfect Sky.

“Hey birds, sit the bamboo box down here,” Purple Claw said.

“Oh, I forgot that was with us,” said Yujo.

“So, what should we do now?” asked Mr. Silva.

“We need to find somewhere to hide,” said Tall Cactus.

“That’s right, because the other villains could be coming here any minute,” said Bucky.

“Well, you’ve already been spotted by one,” said a villain.

“Aw fudge, who goes there?” asked UiPE.

“I’m El Mustachio Grande, but you can call me Grande,” said Grande.

“Well, Grande, you’re going in this box, with the rest of your fellow criminals,” said Tall Cactus.

“Haha, with my volcano powers, nothing can stop me!” Grande yelled.

“Did he just say volcano powers?” asked Yujo.

“Everyone, duck!” Tall Cactus yelled.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” yelled Grande as he shot lava out of his hands.

“The only powers that could possibly beat his is UiPE’s powers and Tall Cactus’s powers,” said Bucky.

“Run behind the rock, then we can come up with a plan,” said Tall Cactus. Five seconds later…

“You guys got a minute to come out before I blast you to bits!” yelled Grande.

“Hmm,” said Tall Cactus, “here’s the plan. Yujo and Purple Claw, get Bucky, Mr. Silva, and the bamboo box to safety. Perfect Sky and Slanted Fish, you guys shoot light and rainbows at Grande’s eyes. While he is being blinded, UiPE will use his wind powers to blow away any lava he shoots out. Then, I’ll drench him with water. Once he passes out, we’ll put him in the bamboo box. Got it? Let’s go!”


Five minutes later….


“Quick! Open the trap!” yelled Tall Cactus.

“Oh no! The villains are escaping!” Yujo screamed.

“Look,” yelled Bucky,” more villains are coming! Look over there!”

“We’re doomed!” yelled Slanted Fish.


All of a sudden, I giant black hole formed in the sky. It started to suck everything and everyone in the desert into itself.


“Guys, I can’t see with all this sand moving around!” yelled Purple Claw.

“The Ice Prince is too early!” yelled Mr. Silva.

“Guys, help! I’m being pulled into the black hole!” yelled Perfect Sky.

“Let it take you!” Tall Cactus yelled.

“Are you crazy?” Perfect Sky asked.

“If we go in the black hole, we can put a stop to this madness!” Tall Cactus explained.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH” everyone screamed.


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