Meltene: Chapter 4

“Uh…. guys,” said UiPE, “The Ned Water is leaking out of the bamboo box trap!”

“What? That is impossible! My calculations said it would work!” Bucky screamed.

“Uh oh,” said Happy Panda, “Ned’s coming out of the trap! Mr. Silva and Bucky, get off the box, now!” But it was too late. Ned escaped the box and threw the two smart people off the box, causing them to fall closer and closer to their death.

“I’ll get them!” yelled Slanted Fish.

“UiPE, initiate secret Plan B!” Happy Panda.

“On it!” replied UiPE.

“Happy Panda, I got Mr. Silva and Bucky,” said Slanted Fish.

“She caught us right before we hit the ground,” Bucky added.

“Okay, Fishy, can I call you Fishy?” asked Happy Panda.

“Whatever,” said Slanted Fish.

“Fishy,” said Happy Panda, “get those two to safety, while me and UiPE take down-”

“Gotcha!” yelled Ned.

“No, let him go!” screamed Slanted Fish.

“This so-called “Happy Panda” is about to become UNHAPPY!” yelled Ned.

“Not on my watch!” Happy Panda replied.

“Oh yeah, whatcha gonna do?” Ned asked.

“Wait… you’re talking slang,” said Happy Panda.

“Oh, now that I’m a villain,” said Ned, “I got to start talking like one, #yolo #swag  #waterbottleflipchallenge #hashtag #fitness #blessed #instapic #instagood #nofilter #cashmeoussidehowbowdah #wcw #thankfulthursday #streaks #selfie #ootd #instafood #likeforlike…”

“The only thing you’re talking like is a teenage fangirl,” roasted Happy Panda.


“But seriously,” said Happy Panda, “guys, take cover!”

“I’ll cover them with my rainbow shield!” yelled Slanted Fish. Then, like she said, Fishy covered the team with a rainbow shield.

“Prepare to explode!” yelled Happy Panda.

“What the-” Ned replied. But Ned was too late. Happy Panda set his body on fire, causing Ned to explode. The explosion caused Burt Diamond and Crusher the Bronze to pass out.

“No! Happy Panda!” yelled Tall Cactus.

“Guys, he’s falling!” Perfect Sky added.

“Guys, use your powers to catch him!” Mr. Silva demanded. Then, the powered teammates used their powers to catch Happy Panda, and bring him to the top of P. Murt Tower.

“Guys, he’s dead,” said Purple Claw.

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Hi there! I'm Purple Claw, a Poptropica fan blogger, artist and a co-owner for the Poptropica Bloggers Network. If you'd like to add me on Poptropica, my username is ''donatloul'' (other accounts include ''nickloul'' and ''donatloul1''). I am a 15 year old boy, obsessed with Poptropica, the internet, cartoons etc. I am also a big fan of lunch, french fries and animals. Anyway, if you'd like to chat with me, I am on the PHC! By the way, credit goes to the amazing SmileyFaceOrg on DeviantArt for illustrating my awesome Gravatar icon! Remember, you're awesome! Have a poptastic day, my friend! See you around! *dabs* (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

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