Meltene: Chapter 3


“Guys, we’ve been walking around the city for five hours! When are we going to relax?” Tall Cactus complained.

“Well, I not walking. I’m flying,” said UiPE.

“Can’t you make us float around or something?” asked Tall Cactus.

“Oh, yeah,” said UiPE. Then, he made the whole team float around.

“When do you think we will find Slanted Fish?” asked Happy Panda.

“According to my calculations,” said Bucky, “let’s see. Carry the fifteen. Multiple by π. Add 5525. Uh, approximately… never. She could be anywhere!”

“Well, she might be up there,” said Mr. Silva. He pointed to a rainbow path in the sky, and it ended at the top of the P. Murt Tower.

“Ok, I’ll float you guys up there!” said UiPE.

“Wait! Let me get them up there,” said Purple Claw.

“How are you gonna do that?” asked Yujo.

“Watch this,” said Purple Claw, “LALA LALA LALA LEE!” Then, a swarm of pigeons came out of nowhere and took the team to the top of the tower.

“That was weird,” said Yujo.

“Hey, look! There’s Slanted Fish!” yelled Perfect Sky.

“Go away!” yelled Slanted Fish.

“We aren’t bad like Short Feather. We’re good guys,” Happy Panda explained.

“Y-you are?” asked Slanted Fish.

“We aren’t!” yelled some guys behind her.

“Who are you guys?” asked Happy Panda.

“I’m Burt Diamond, and I’m made of Diamond. And meet my Metal Trio. Captain Crawfish the Gold, Director D the Silver, and Crusher the Bronze!” said the villain.

“Hello, hello, hello!” the Metal Trio sung in unison.

“They’re also a barbershop trio at the Meltene City Prison,” said Burt.

“Uh, technically Crusher is copper, because copper is a bronze metal,” said Bucky.

“Shut up! Now, get them!” yelled Burt.

“Wait! You gotta give us time to make a plan!” yelled Happy Panda.

“Yeah, that’s what happens in a lot of movies,” Tall Cactus added.

“Fine, Metal Trio, slowly walk towards them!” Burt yelled.

“Okay guys,” said Happy Panda, “here’s the plan. UiPE will take Mr. Silva and Bucky, and they will fly back to the smoothie shop and get the bamboo box trap. Purple Claw will summon as many birds as he can to distract Director D. Yujo will summon plants to attack and possibly trap Burt. Tall Cactus will go to Crusher and just spray him with water until UiPE comes back. I’ll attack Captain Crawfish with fire until he melts, then go melt Director D. Slanted Fish and Perfect Sky can help when and if needed. When UiPE and the other two guys come back, they will pour the Ned-Water onto Crusher. Then, we will put the four villains in the box with Ned. Got it? Attack!”

About a minute as passed, and the plan is working. Captain Crawfish and Director D have melted, Burt is tied up in a lot of vines, and Crusher is still being drenched in water. When UiPE, Bucky, and Mr. Silva came back, something bad happened. What happens next? Stayed tuned to find out!


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