Meltene: Chapter 2


“Help!” screamed some random guy.

“Did you guys here that?” asked Purple Claw.

“I heard someone scream for help,” said Happy Panda.

“I think it’s coming from behind the Berry Delicious Smoothie Shop,” said Perfect Sky.

“Let me fly over there to see what’s going on,” said UiPE. He flew behind the smoothie shop only to find celebrity Bucky Lukas and Ned Noodlehead. But Ned looked different. He was made up of… a green gas!

“Bucky Lukas, it’s been a long time since I have seen you,” said Ned.

“Wh-what do you want?” asked Bucky.

“Remember the contest you held five years ago?” asked Ned.

“Oh yeah, the -Day With Bucky- contest. Yeah, that was dope,” said Bucky.

“Well, I was supposed to win!” yelled Ned.

“Uh, some carnie named Edgar won the contest,” Bucky replied.

“However,” said Ned, “I was the original winner! I got the letter saying I won, and when I sent the letter back to your manager saying I was going to bring my crush and my sister with me, they said I couldn’t go. Why, you may ask? Because you were secretly dating my sister, Betty, the whole dang time! And the manager thought the contest was rigged, since your girlfriend’s brother won! But it gets worse. I told my crush I won the contest, and she told the whole school! But when I told her that I was disqualified, she told the whole school that I was a loser and a liar! I’ve been an outcast ever since!”

“And why are you mad at me?” asked Bucky.

“Because you secretly were dating my sister! And, you broke up with her before my family got to meet you!” he yelled.

“Bro, I’m sorry,” said Bucky.

“Too late for that!” yelled Ned. Ned flew towards Bucky, and Bucky inhaled the gas the Ned was made of, causing him to pass out.

“Now, to finish you off,” said Ned.

“Stop right there!” yelled Happy Panda.

“What? Who are you?” asked Ned.

“I’m Happy Panda,” he said, “and this is my team! Guys, you know the plan!”

“What plan?” asked Ned.

“The one we made while you gave that boring backstory!” Happy Panda replied.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH” yelled the rest of the team.

“Attack!” yelled Happy Panda. Perfect Sky shined lights in Ned’s eyes, causing him to fall and go back into his solid form. While Happy Panda threw fireballs at Ned, Yujo made a giant box out of bamboo. UiPE flew Ned into the box, while Tall Cactus filled the box with water. Purple Claw summoned some grizzly bears to shake the bamboo box, causing Ned to go unconscious.

“Yay! It worked!” yelled Mr. Silva.

“Wait, we got to save Bucky,” said Yujo.

“If he inhaled the gas, let me see if I can put new air in him to get the gas out,” said UiPE. And surprisingly, it worked. When Bucky became conscious again, Happy Panda explained what happened.

“Wait… the plan ignores Romero’s Fifth Law of Science. How did it work?” Bucky asked.

“Because I said it would work!” yelled Mr. Silva.

“But the water and fire elements in the air, combined with 6x – oxygen + 7 blue…” Bucky babbled.

“Wow, that gas must’ve made him smart,” said Yujo.


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