News, Sneak Peeks & An Apology

Howdy, Clawtropicans! It’s me Purple Claw with some fresh (well, they’re actually not fresh anymore) and… an apology.

I’m sorry I couldn’t post the latest chapter of TMAOBN this Sunday, and I’ve got the perfect excuse: I got grounded. I also apologize for being so inactive this month, but I really needed a break from blogging because school has literally been killing me! Anyways, I’m back, and I’m glad, glad, glad!

Well, you might have noticed a few awesome gold cards and costumes in the store (or just read the Creators’ Blog). Well, they’re actually patched cards, but they’re back for only a limited time. Check them out!



Personally, I really enjoy the Twin Power! I now have a twin brother following me everywhere I go now! Wait… What if he’s evil? What if he wants to take my place? Oh no!

Twin: Ha ha ha! This blog can be mine now!

PC: Bro, I’m not in the mood right now; I have to finish this post. So anyway, me and my twin brother were bringing the apocalypse to the world of Poptropica until we saw this beauty:


Hmmm, what could this Movie Theater possibly be? Skinny Moon didn’t make a post about it yet, so everyone is doing their own theories, and it’s time to do mine…

Well, it can be something as great as a place with animated shorts, or it could be something as simple as a place to view ads, just like other awesome bloggers mentioned. Whatever it is, just don’t get too disappointed — I’m sure the Creators have some other pretty great stuff in store, like Poptropica Worlds, for example.

Now that I’ve mentioned Poptropica Worlds, Skinny Moon posted a sneak peek about it, featuring a room! Yes, a room. And it’s… something:

Poptropica Worlds sneak peek.jpg

It’s still a pretty interesting room, but it’s kinda awkward. Like, why is the a basketball basket on a room that looks medieval time-themed? Well, I think this sneak peek is from Poptropica Realms. It makes sense. It’s much more detailed than the original Realms, though. Who knows? I might even be wrong. I’m just glad we got this sneak peek. 😆

I also wanted to share with you some behind-the-scenes art from this month’s IotM, Super Power Island! The sneak peeks were posted two days ago, but I just had to share them with you guys! Since I’m too lazy to talk about each one, I’ll just showcase all of them below. #GoLaziness

Awesome sketches, don’t you think? I love Super Power Island, and this is why I made this poll about a week ago. Since I’ve been busy, I didn’t have time to reveal the answers, but I will, right now!

And here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for, ladies and gentlepoptropicans. The best Super Power Island villain is…


Sadly, it’s not Guzma; sorry Shaky. 😛 It’s actually Sir Rebral! Let’s applause for his achievement! Second place gets Betty Jetty (of course she does), and Copy Cat takes the bronze! Let’s applause for them too!

Now, let’s take a moment of silence to say goodbye to an…. interesting game called Club Penguin. This game has been around for more than a decade, and it closed down yesterday so a new game would launch, Club Penguin Island. Which is an app-played game. Good game, CP staff. Oh well, you can still find the original game online — it’s remade by fans! There’s also free membership! And old items! And other stuff! You can always reach the game right here.

Also, a Discord user known as Noveen is trying to find someone who speaks Japanese, to translate an audio track for her. So, if you’re interested, don’t forget to reach her! Well, thanks for reading this post! Again, sorry I was inactive, and I’ll try to be more inactive next month. Thanks for sticking with us!

Purple Claw out!


12 thoughts on “News, Sneak Peeks & An Apology

  1. Me: Hey! That means Twin Wing is back!
    Twin Wing: Can i take over your blog?
    Me: do you want to die?
    Twin Wing: I’m literally the exact copy of you. We’d be exactly even in a fight.
    Me: I didn’t say i’d play fair. *Turns off card*
    Twin Wing: Not fair…
    Me: Exactly.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Guys!
    I ACTUALLY have room for blogs & Poptropica now!
    40% of my day is school… But the rest is Games, drawing, and
    Sleep. Sleep is important.
    Anyway, i think I actually have time for the blogs.
    I won’t be getting on Discord, however. Sorry, PC! 😦
    Now for topic- related stuff and all-that-jazz.
    1. I’m sad to see CP go :,(
    2.Awesome Movie Theater!
    3. I forgive you! I’ve actually been reading T(o)MA(t)OBN Secretly… Hue hue
    Well, I should probably go back to eating breakfast now.

    Liked by 1 person

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