Poll: Who is the best Super Power Island villain?

Hey, Clawtropicans! What’s popping?

Super Power Island, also known as the island with criminals that don’t commit serious crimes, is one of March’s IotMs, as many of you know. Even though a few of the villains might not deserve to be in jail (I’m looking at you, Crusher), I wanna learn which one of them is your favorite. There’s Copy Cat, Betty Jetty, Speeding Spike, Sir Rebral, Ratman, and Crusher. My personal fave is Speeding Spike, and that’s not because of the crime he committed, but because of his flying superpower.


If you’re not very familiar with these villains, check out their criminal files below. 😛

(Click on any of these images to enlarge them.)

Which one do you like best? Which one has the best power? Well, just vote on the poll below! The poll closes on the 24th, so make sure you vote in time! Quick note: Small Blog Awareness Day is on the 25th, so besides the poll answers, I’ll have something special for that holy day too. 🙂 Well, hurry up! The time is limited!

Also, I’d like to apologize for being so inactive this month. I’ve just been really busy with my life and school. I promise that April’s gonna be a more active month! Sorry, again, for letting you guys down. 😦

-PC out!


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