TMAOBN: Chapter 3

Today is a great day for all of us: the wait is over: new chapters on TMAOBN will be published every Sunday! And guess what? This one is longer than the previous ones! If you want to see more of Brave Noodle and his adventures, please support us in the comments! Thank you guys so much! You guys mean the whole world to me. 😀 #PopBlogsMatter



Written by: Purple Claw

Continued from ”The Castle

Liza: Use that… Whatever that is!

Brave Noodle: Okay! Thank goodness it’s activated!

Brave Noodle gets the dimension-travelling device from his bag, but the Queen magically teleports it into her hands.

Queen: I’ll take that!

Brave Noodle: Oh no!

Liza: Give it back now!

Queen: And why would I do that?

Brave Noodle: Because it’s my only way home!

Queen: Then, you’ll have to earn it, boy.

Brave Noodle: What do I have to do?

Queen: Oh, not much. *smiles sarcastically* You just have to beat me in a contest.

Liza: *gasps*

Brave Noodle: What kind of contest?

Queen: I’ll decide that! If you win, you can have this… thing and leave this place forever.

Brave Noodle: And you have to let Liza free!

Queen: Fine, but if you lose, you will both be my prisoners. Forever!

Liza: Are you sure you want to take the risk, Brave Noodle?

Brave Noodle: Yup, I’m sure.

Queen: Then it’s a deal!

No one is talking. Both Liza and Brave Noodle were staring to the Queen.

Queen: Oh, and, you’ll have sleep in the prison tonight.

Liza: Aw man!

At the prison…

Brave Noodle: This isn’t so bad, y’know, there’s lots of hay here.

Liza: Yeah, yeah. By the way, who was that guy we met earlier?

Brave Noodle: He’s named Creepy Shadow. I don’t know if he’s a person or not.

Liza: His name matches perfectly with his personality…and his appearance.

Brave Noodle: He’s nice. Maybe creepy, but nice. He helped us.

Liza: He helped us get in TROUBLE!

Brave Noodle: He just wanted to help!

Liza: *yelling* Oh, if we didn’t follow his plan and followed mine, we wouldn’t be here!

Brave Noodle: You didn’t even HAVE a plan!

Liza: So what?! It’s not only his fault, but yours too!

Brave Noodle: It’s not my fault we’re here! You wanted us to come on this freaking castle!

Liza: I help you, and look what I get in return!

Brave Noodle: I never asked for your help!

Liza: I should never have offered to help you! And now my freedom is counting on you!

Brave Noodle: *sigh* I’m sorry. I never meant for this to happen.

Liza: I’m sorry too. I get really aggressive sometimes…

The next day…

Guard: Wake up!! It’s time for the contest!

Brave Noodle: *Yawn* Do you have any information about it yet?

Guard: Yes, but I’m not telling.

Liza: *wakes up* What happened?

Brave Noodle: This guard, has info about the contest, and won’t tell me!

Liza: Dude, that’s mean!

Guard: Okay, fine! The contest will be a fight. A magical fight. And it’ll be hosted on Cheesedonia’s arena.

Brave Noodle: We’re doomed!

Liza: *whispers* Not really, I’ve heard that there is a type of cheese on Chesedonia’s forest that can make you powerful for a limited time.

Brave Noodle: We have to find that!

Guard: I have to go for just a second. Don’t do something stupid while I’m gone. *leaves*

Creepy Shadow: *appears* Hello, folks. I’m back. Do you need help?

Brave Noodle: Yes, we do!

Liza: So, there’s this rare type on cheese on Chesedonia’s forest that can make you powerful for a few hours. It grows on the pink Akkauna trees. Think you can find it?

Creepy Shadow: Well of course! You’ll have it in time for the contest. *disappears*

An hour later, the Queen appears.

Queen: Time for the fight, boy! Good luck! You’ll need it! *smiles evilly*

At the arena…

Guard: Sit here! *points to a chair near a table*

Brave Noodle: Isn’t this supposed to be a fight?

Guard: Of course it is!

Then, the guard leaves, and the queen comes.

Brave Noodle: Where’s Liza? You said she’ll be here for the contest?

Queen: I was going to bring her here, but then I changed my mind.

Brave Noodle: You don’t play fair…

Queen: I never said I would! Ha!

Brave Noodle: Ugh… *whispers to himself* Where is Creepy Shadow??

Royal Guard: Hello citizens of Cheesedonia! Did your day was cheesy enough? Anyway, welcome to Cheesedonia’s 700,001st official fight against the Queen!

Brave Noodle: Wow, dear. These are a lot of fights!

Royal Guard: As always, the Queen chooses what will the fight be, or which are the rules. This time, the Queen chose rock, paper, scissors!

Brave Noodle: What the heck?! Are you serious?

Queen: Yes. He is.

Brave Noodle: Oh my god!

Royal Guard: Round 1 starts… now!

Queen, Brave Noodle: Rock, paper, scissors!

Queen: Scissors beat paper, I win the first round!

Royal Guard: Round one is over! The Queen wins one point! And round 2 starts… NOW!

Queen, Brave Noodle: Rock, paper, scissors!

Brave Noodle: Paper beats rock! Take that!

Queen: Ugh!

Royal Guard: Our guest gets one point! It’s a tie! And there’s only one round left! Who will win? Who will receive the prize which happens to be a weird button-thingy that can take you into other worlds? We’ll have to wait and see! Round three starts NOW!

Queen, Brave Noodle: *both close their eyes* Rock, paper, scissors!

Brave Noodle: *opens eyes* I WON!!! Woo-hoo!

Queen: No! This cannot be happening!

Brave Noodle: Just admit it! You lost fair and square!

Royal Guard: Well, it seems like our guest won! Now it’s time for the Queen to give back to him the button, and to free his friend!

Queen: OKAY THEN! Guards, free that girl!

Liza: *running* Woo-hoo! You won! Nice job, man! *hugs Brave Noodle*

Brave Noodle: Thanks! I couldn’t have done it without you! *hugs back and blushes*

Liza: Now, give him the thing, Queen!

Queen: NO! *tries to run away*

Royal Guard: Well, it looks like someone is being a sore loser!

Queen: SHUT UP!! I’m NOT a sore looser! *keeps running*

But at that moment, Creepy Shadow appears with the magical cheese! He grabs the button from the Queen, and then gives it to Brave Noodle.


Creepy Shadow: Sorry for being late! Now quick! Press that button! I’ll be waiting for you! *disappears*

Liza: Whaa? Whatever, just take me with you!

Brave Noodle: Are you sure you want to leave your home?

Liza: Yes, I am! This place doesn’t feel like home anyway…

Brave Noodle: Okay, grab my hard! *presses the button*

Liza: Goodbye Queen!


Brave Noodle: Sorry, we can’t! Bye!

Queen: UGH!

To be continued…


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