TMAOBN Update (03/13/17)

Hello, my friends. It is I, Creepy Shadow, and I’m doing this guest-post thing for you people, so you shall know more about the upcoming story of my friend, Brave Noodle.


Purple Claw said that there would be a chapter yesterday, but he couldn’t do it, because he’s behind his schedule. What an unorganized person!

Well, he does have good news for you, since the wait is over: TMAOBN chapters will officially start publishing every Sunday, until he decides to do a hiatus.

Here’s a little sneak peek from the upcoming chapter:

Liza: Use that thing-thingy!

Brave Noodle: Okay! Thank god it’s activated!

Brave Noodle gets the button out of his bag, but the Queen magically teleports it into her hands.

Queen: I’ll take that!

Brave Noodle: Oh no!

Liza: Give it back now!

Queen: And why would I do that?

Brave Noodle: Because it’s my only way home!

Queen: Then, you’ll have to earn it, boy.

Brave Noodle: What do I have to do?

Queen: Oh, not much. *smiles sarcastically* You just have to beat me in a contest.

Oh well, that’s for today’s post. It is indeed short, but it’s not my blog, it’s Purple Claw’s, so I take no blame for writing this thing. Whatever, goodbye, kids.


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