March IotMs!

Hey guys! Lucky here, I’m doing a post about the IotM, like the title says. And this post will be better than the last one. (I hope) So the islands of this month this time around are…

Super Power Island and Galactic Hot Dogs!

It’s funny, they picked the fan-favorite Super Power and the fan-hated GHD. Well, they had to do it eventually, right? My honest opinion is, sweet! I can redo Super Power! It’s one of my favorites. And GHD…. Sort of a risky move. Most people around absolutly abhor the island. But hey, you can’t always be a crowd pleaser. It’s my least favorite, but i’ve never played it the whole way through… so… ye. They posted some videos in case you need a walk-through. (You can use mine for Super Power. I’m just saying!) Here they are:

And, you know, if you want a video a little more fun orientated… *cough cough*

Ye… Anyways. And there’s a new GHD book, but since that’s not Pop… So, I’m just gonna call it here. Hope you guys liked the post! Lucky is out, bai guys!


5 thoughts on “March IotMs!

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