ClawtropiView: DJVampi!

Hey there, Clawtropicans, it’s me Purple Claw, and this time, I’m going to share with you an interview I did with DJVampi today. DJVampi (formerly known as DJScratchStep; you can’t run away from your past), or Trusty Bear is a long time community member and blogger, and he runs his own blog, Trusty Bear’s Poptropica Hotspot. I suggest you to follow his blog, since it’s certainly is hot! Anywayyy, let’s get to the interview now, shall we? 😛


PC: Hello DJVampi! Can you shortly describe yourself to us?

Vampi: The name’s DJVampi (Trusty Bear), resident vampire, DJ, gamer, and randomness maker. And in my free time, hamburger connoisseur.

PC: How long have you been playing Poptropica?

Vampi: Hoo, that’s a good question. I made my first profile around the release of Big Nate, I think, and my current profile was made around September 2015.

PC: From 1 to 10, how would you rate Poptropica (With 1 being terrible, and 10 being terrific)?

Vampi: Around a 6. There’s better, there’s worse, Poptropica’s kinda in the middle.

PC: Which is your favorite island? What about your favorite villain? 

Vampi: Favorite island? Probably a tie between EFPR and Skullduggery. I like prison escape games (The Escapists is a big one), and I also like to waste time. I *have* been called the king of procrastination before, maybe Skullduggery’s why.

PC: You forgot to mention the villain, but that’s okay. 😛 Anyway, from what we’ve seen so far, what do you think of the upcoming ”Poptropica Worlds”?

Vampi: *maniacal laughter* Let the debates begin, my friends. Just wait until it comes out and the truth will be revealed.

PC: Besides Poptropica, do you play any other games?

Vampi: Roblox (ijustfarted9021), Club Penguin (Thecoolman51), Geometry Dash, and periodically Minecraft (DJVampiGamer).

PC: What do you like the best in this fandom?

Vampi: Everything except the haters. That’s the best thing about any fandom, isn’t it?

PC: When did you join the Poptropica community?

Vampi: Around the same time I made Trusty, September 2015. It’s evolved since then, which is great, and I’m not planning to leave anytime soon.

PC: Do you enjoy blogging about Poptropica? How long have you been blogging for?

Vampi: Yes, and I’ve been blogging since maybe November 2015. Now I’m part of what, 6-8 blogs, and I’m trying to grow!

PC: Now, for something random, LOL. Which is your favorite food and which is your favorite color?

Vampi: Gotta love randomness. Favorite food is a big tie between Totino’s Pizza Rolls, Little Ceasers Pizza, Cosmic Brownies by Little Debbie’s snacks, and my mom’s Rice-A-Roni. All delicious. Favorite color has been and always will be red. I’m even trying to get red contact lenses to wear under my glasses.

PC: Is there anything you’d like to say to everyone who’s reading this post?

Vampi: Even when times are tough, keep on going, because you never know what’s going to come your way. Oh, and also, there are never too many memes.

PC: Thank you so much for the interview! Is there anyone you’d like to thank?

Vampi: I’d like to thank the acade— wait, wrong speech. I’d like to thank Lucky for commenting on just about EVERY post I make, PC for taking the time to interview me, Shaky Skunk for just being an all around good friend, and my non-Pop-community buddies Diamond Glaz3, Noiceguy, Popato, Mellora, Pen, and Flare, for keeping me the way I am now while still helping me branch out. And I thank you, the reader, for taking the time for me to go on and on about my ramblings. Heck, that’s probably what my YouTube career will be like. And as I always like to say on all the Poptropica blogs I author on, keep poppin’ it!

Vampi is a really fun person, isn’t he? 😛 Well, thanks for reading this post! If you want to see more interviews, please show support by commenting on our posts! That was your Poptropica buddy, Purple Claw, signing out until my next post!


-PC out!


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