TMAOBN: Chapter 2

Before I start, I want to apologize, since this chapter is really short. Also, no more chapters of TMAOBN on this month, since I have to keep working on it. Longer chapters are coming out in March!



Written by: Purple Claw

Continued from ”Chased by a God

Our hero was with Liza, his new friend, eating cheese. After that, the mysterious ‘thing’ glowed again.

Brave Noodle: Oh, not again!

Liza: What’s going on?

Brave Noodle: It’s this thing in my bag *shows the mysterious button*. Wherever it glows, I can travel into a new world.

Liza: Wow! I’ve been out of Cheesedonia! You’re so lucky!

Brave Noodle: Well, maybe I am. But the places I’ve been so far are… Hm… How do I put this up?… Mmm, insane.

Liza: Really? Where have you been?

Brave Noodle: On the prison realm and here. I don’t want to be offensive or anything, but this place is crazy. I mean, a world made of cheese isn’t something I see everyday. But hey, at least it’s delicious!

Liza: Hehe, it’s okay to say it! Cheesedonia is weird. Wait- did you say prison realm?!

Brave Noodle: Yup, I’ve been there.

Liza: Wow, dude! That’s amazing!

Brave Noodle: No, it’s not! Zeus almost killed me! And he has probably killed a person by now, and it’s my entire fault.

Liza: Oh, I’m really sorry about that.

Brave Noodle: *sigh* Well, anyway, I’m trying to get back home. Is there another way I could get home besides using this random thing?

Liza: Indeed there is! Our queen knows almost everything! From magic spells, to food recipes and so much more!

Brave Noodle: You must love eating.

Liza: Duh, who doesn’t? Anyway, let’s go!

An hour later, outside the castle…

Liza: Now we must find a way to get in and go to the castle’s library without anyone seeing us.

Brave Noodle: Why?

Liza: Because the queen doesn’t want anyone else but guards and cookers in her castle.

Brave Noodle: Didn’t you say that the queen will help us find my way home?

Liza: Dude! We don’t need the queen when we have her books. And the queen hates me. A lot.

Suddenly, a black smoke appears, and then Creepy Shadow comes out of it.

Creepy Shadow: I can help you get to the castle without anyone noticing you.

Liza: *jumps* GAH!!

Brave Noodle: Creepy Shadow! You’re back!

Liza: Who’s that??!

Brave Noodle: It’s my friend, Creepy Shadow.

Liza: Nice to meet ‘cha, I’m Liza!

Creepy Shadow: I know who you are.

Liza: So, what’s the plan, bro?

Creepy Shadow: Just leave everything to me!

Creepy Shadow magically transports Liza, Brave Noodle and himself in the queen’s library…

Liza: Dude, how to you do that?

Creepy Shadow: There are lots of things you don’t know about me…

Liza: Okay then…

Brave Noodle: Anyway, let’s search in the spell book archive.

Suddenly, the queen enters the library.

Liza: Everyone, hide!

Creepy Shadow: Well, time for me to go! *disappears*

Queen: What’s that sound?

Brave Noodle: Uh oh.

Queen: Ugh, I’m sure it was nothing. I’m getting old. Oh well, time to burn the books I don’t need anymore… Guards! Take all the books from the spell book and the history book archive, and, burn the all.

Guards: As you wish, majesty!

Brave Noodle: I must find the book with that magic spell before they burn them!

Liza: Where are you going?

Brave Noodle, screaming: I’m going to find that book, no matter what it takes!

Liza: Oh god. We’re doomed!

Queen: Guards! Before you burn the books, BURN THESE CHILDREN!

Brave Noodle: Oopsies.

To be continued…


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