#MyPoptropicaCostume Winners and Runner-Ups Announced

Hi everybody! Today the creators finally announced the winners and runner-ups for the #MyPoptropicaCostume contest!

According to the creators, there were over 750 entries which they made a first cut of 150 entries then a second cut of 75 entries. After weeks of looking through entries and weeks of Poptropicans eagerly waiting for results, the creators finally did it! The two grand prize winners who will both receive a six-month membership, have their costume sold in the store, and have it worn by a NPC on Home Island is… Creepy Peanut and Speedy Toes! Congratulations to both of you! Below are their entries with the exact description posted by Skinny Moon!

“Ocean Princess” by Creepy Peanut

The Poptropica Creators loved this mermaid entry’s beautiful design, and we thought that many Poptropicans would really like this costume. We will make a merman version, too!

“Hip Hop Boy” by Speedy Toes

This costume appealed to the Poptropica Creators because it’s full of action. We think we can come up with some cool actions to go with the costume, and it’ll be fun for all Poptropicans!

The 20 runner-ups

The creators have also picked 20 runner-ups! From these 20, we get to vote for the top 10 entries! The top ten winners will each get a three-month membership and have their costumes sold in the store! Here are the rules for voting as posted by Skinny Moon!

  • Pick your favorite 10 in the poll below. You can’t pick more than ten and you can only vote once.
  • All costumes will have boy/girl versions, unless it’s a gender-neutral costume. So if the costume only shows a boy version or girl version, don’t worry.
  • Focus on the costume designs, not the suggested special powers — the powers aren’t all definitely ideas we can create in Poptropica.
  • The order of the entries is random and gets mixed up for each voter.
  • Click on the image to see the full-sized version.

Go now and vote! Look forward to these costumes showing up in the Poptropica Store! Until next post everybody.

-Hyper Gamer


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