February Islands of the Month!

Sup Claws! Lucky here! (Did that intro suck? Hope not, though it probably did…) This is my first official post! It’s about, naturally, the IotM!

Reality TV was the Island that got voted back on January! And there’s Escape From Pelican Rock…

I have absolutely no preference. I already did Reality. Like, 3 times. And I’ve never finished Pelican Rock because…


Nah, I’m kidding. It’s a long story though, and i won’t bore you with the details. As usual, 500 creds for 1st timers, 300 for repeat-finishers.

Everyone has so many cwedits.


Ok, maybe I don’t know how to use hashtags, but I try! So that’s it! Go forth and be Lucky! (I’m trying!!) Lucky is out, bai!

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About LuckE Wing

Uh... Hi? I'm LuckE, the author of the Lucky Wing's Blog O Fun blog, as well as Luckily Bizarre, the weird 18 year old behind Ask the Villains. I have a love of Poptropica, as well as other things, like Ninjago, Megas XLR, and the such. I'm a total nerd and really, really tired at this point. I love acting, writing, drawing and singing, even though I'm not very good at any of those. I've got a YouTub channel, but unfortunately, it's on a sort of hiatus until I can get my life in order. So we'll see, I guess. I have a Poptropica blog, Lucky Wing's Blog o Fun, that's also a Q&A blog for the AtV, that's my main blog. I have another one that's for me and my normal life and stuff, but that one isn't all that active, Luckily Bizarre. I'm co-author on 4 other blogs, but I'm not very active on them and a few of them have ended. So... Yeah. That's me in a nutshell, I guess. Thank you for actually looking through the whole description of my stupid self.

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