The Luckiest of Wings!

*Walks in, trips on door frame* Oops! … I’m good!

Hey guys, Lucky Wing here, and guess what… 😏 Dreams do come true!!!!

I’m the newest author on the Clawtropica blog! I have been secretly wanting to be in this blog ever since I became a blogger! This is amazing! I am speechless! I don’t know what to say!

She says in 3 different ways.

So how many blogs am i on now?… 6. Yup, I’m a busy person, and I like !!s. 😆

Anyways, a little about me, i’m Lucky Wing, aka Lucky, aka LW, aka E, aka E E E E etc, etc, depending on who is talking and where. I like Ninjago, MLP, Phineas and Ferb, life (sometimes) fries, pizza, Popcorn, Fangirling, the Frog Princess series, Ninjago, conspiracies(I like making them), making memes, blogging, Star Wars, and I hate… Uh… Never mind.


After the longest post ever, I must bid you all adu. Lucky Wing signing out, bai g- *trips in door frame again and falls out of door* I’m good!

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About LuckE Wing

Uh... Hi? I'm LuckE, the author of the Lucky Wing's Blog O Fun blog, as well as Luckily Bizarre, the weird 18 year old behind Ask the Villains. I have a love of Poptropica, as well as other things, like Ninjago, Megas XLR, and the such. I'm a total nerd and really, really tired at this point. I love acting, writing, drawing and singing, even though I'm not very good at any of those. I've got a YouTub channel, but unfortunately, it's on a sort of hiatus until I can get my life in order. So we'll see, I guess. I have a Poptropica blog, Lucky Wing's Blog o Fun, that's also a Q&A blog for the AtV, that's my main blog. I have another one that's for me and my normal life and stuff, but that one isn't all that active, Luckily Bizarre. I'm co-author on 4 other blogs, but I'm not very active on them and a few of them have ended. So... Yeah. That's me in a nutshell, I guess. Thank you for actually looking through the whole description of my stupid self.

27 thoughts on “The Luckiest of Wings!

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  2. Oh my Stars, I’m so late!!! I’m REALLY sorry I didn’t welcome you earlier, but I was busy with my life. Anyway, welcome aboard! I’ll add your bio on the about page when I get the time, since I’m really busy to do that right now. (You’ve might noticed that I haven’t been on Discord for a few days.) Stay popping!!!!!

    PS: can you make a post for February’s iotm? Thanks. 🙂

    PSS: for everyone else who’s reading, I’m still on my hiatus.

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