The trolls have come to Pop!

Well, hey Hop-tropicans! I’m back with a brand new ad! The ad is for the movie Trolls… let’s get started!

This ad has a building for it, and you need to check various islands for this ad, as there are many other ads. *Recommended Island: Spy Island

You’ll come to a mound (building) with Branch and Poppy standing outside. Of course you’ll walk in, right?


This advertisement building is none other than an amazing common room! Inside, you can find Hair Whip (which is next to Poppy), and a dummy with a costume depending on the gender. For boys: Branch. For Girls: Poppy.


I’ve been troll-ified!

Oh, and there’s this little guy who makes sparkles fall on your screen if you click him. 😛


Well, this was a quite trolly Poptropica ad! The colors, costumes, all that stuff, I’d give this ad an…


The readers: why is he rating an ad? 

Me: Because I can. I am now an… advertisement critic!

Well, uh, I guess this a bit of a weird ending. -runs away-


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