Furry pink bunnies & terrific bats

Hey there, Clawtropicans, and welcome to our newest post, with me Purple Claw!

Yesterday, something rad happened: All of Poptropica’s official social media pages had some sort of a makeover! Goodbye, Skinny Moon, hello Dr. Hare! Bua-ha-ha!! He’s going to take the internet again! Just kidding. Okay, so you’re probably confused, aren’t ya? Well, check out this awesome new profile pic on Poptropica’s social media!!


Pretty awesome, do you agree? Isn’t Dr. Hare’s new Poptropica Worlds edition style just amazing? Share your thoughts in the comment section below! XD

In other news, there’s a new mini-game advertisement on Poptropica! It’s about the new LEGO Batman movie coming out this February. Let’s take a look at the ad, shall we?


Just go inside, and you’ll see a police officer on your right. Just talk to her, and she’ll inform you your newest mission: You have to catch the joker! Looks like Batman is too lazy to do the job himself. 😏


All you have to do is dodge the Joker’s balloons, but, it’s going to be a challenge! So, if you’re having trouble beating this ad, feel free check out the video walkthrough I made, below. 😛

I hope that helped you get through the mini-game! If you win, you’ll get two new awesome items: a Grappling Hook and a Batarang!

Last, but not least, it’s confirmed that Binary Bard and (hopefully, Astro-Knights) will make an appearance in Poptropica Worlds. All I have to say is that BB sure has a great legacy. 😏 Anyway, credit goes to the Poptropica Skunk Blog and an anonymous glitcher for letting us know!


Look at those gorgeous legs!

What do guys think? Please tell in the comments! Well, bye for now! See you guys on my next post! ‘Til then, I’m out!

-Purple Claw

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About Purple Claw

Hi! Name's John, but more commonly known in the internet as Purple Claw (or PurpleClaw750). I have my own Poptropica blog, write for the PHB, and co-run a network for Poptropica blogs. As you've probably guessed by now, I'm a big fan of Poptropica. My username is donatloul, and my favorite islands are Astro-Knights & Arabian Nights. Besides Pop, I'm also a fan of cartoons such as Steven Universe, Star vs. the Forces of Evil and more! My favroite color is purple (duh) & my favorite animals are owls. I'm ace and aromantic, and a huge supporter of love. I consider myself to be a traditional artist, blogger, writer, good friend, awkward introvert and a believer of Christ. Well, that's pretty much all I have to say... You can leave now. p.s.: feel free to talk to me whenever you want! I might not see it right away, but I check my social media as often as possible. Though, the best ways to reach me are from WordPress.com and Discord. ;)

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