Top 5 Fun But Random Things To Do

NOTE BY PC: This post marks something really important about this blog, it’s our 100th post! And who doesn’t love Top 5s or our friend, G? 😛


Hello everybody! G is back, and I’m doing a Top 5 list! This list has things to do for fun, and are just a bit random. I hope you try this stuff, as I really enjoy these random activities!

5. Play the Nabooti minecart game againscreenshot_83

To actually play this game, you must go to the Diamond Mines on Nabooti Island. The goal is to ride that minecart while dodging obstacles, like ducking to not hit your head, and jumping over spike thing-majigs. This game is quite fun, but if you don’t agree, of course you don’t have to play it again!

4. Find random NPCs with the same color hair and skin on old islands like Early Poptropica


 Yeah…this is pretty funny, just imagine your hair being the same color as your hair! It just looks so ugly…that girl’s hair just doesn’t cooperate with her skin. Same goes for this guy. Although it’s weird, the fun part is to make fun of these weirdo NPCs! Right?

3. Go crazy with your flying power on Super Power Island


I’m sure most of you love to do this. Having the power of flight…you can do the impossible! There’s also little clouds that look like farts when you fly, so there’s a bit of comedy there. Take that, Mocktropica safety person! Now we don’t fall off of buildings!

2. Play around with your horse on Wild West Island


Yee haw! Yee haw! Nothin’ like ridin’ this guy for fun! You can go fast, jump gracefully, and “trample” people! 😛 This horse is so beautiful, and can reach pretty nice heights! The animation is really amusing! Keep ridin’ this cool horse!

and number 1… drumroll, please

Ba dum, ba dum, ba dum, ba dum…Number 1 is…

Robbie Rotten! JK, JK, saying “number 1” just made me think of that.

The real number 1 is…

1. Mess with the power lines on Spy Island


YES. I LOVE THIS. I have done this for a while now, and I’ll teach you how to do this amazing trick! First, obtain the Grappling Bowtie, then when you’re own the power lines, aim down. This will bring you down to the ground, taking the line with you! The best part is jumping up, and walking around. This is by far my favorite random thing to do.

Well, that’s it, guys! My first list went pretty well! I hope you all enjoyed, now goodbye!

-Hops away-

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