TMAOBN Update (11/01/2017)

Hey there, Clawtropicans! Purple Claw here!

As I mentioned in my previous post, today I’m going to talk about the Mighty Adventures of Brave Noodle fan-fiction, and as well, I’m going to share some sneak peeks about it.


Credit goes to Ultimate iPad Expert for this logo. (I only added the background)

I made a dropped-down page about TMAOBN under our Segments page. Go check it out right here! This page is currently under construction, but I’m suggesting you to check it out as frequently as you possibly can for new updates. 😉

Anyway, yesterday I was working with art for the story, and I drew three of the most important characters. Check out my cringe worthy art below. 😛

Brave Noodle.png



Yeah, it looks really bad. And that’s because I used MS Paint and cause I don’t have a drawing pad. Ugh… I’ll get a better drawing software as soon as I can. ^^’ Who knows? The story might even be illustrated (no promises, though)!

By the way, I also wanted to tell you a few important stuff about our story, so make sure to check the list below.

  • The Prisoner Realm isn’t a world full of cages for criminals of anything like that. It’s just a place outdoors when criminals can be criminals without doing bad things at innocent citizens from other worlds. Zeus has also got a small castle there, since he’s the most infamous and powerful villain of all time.
  • As you probably guessed it by now, the fan-fiction won’t be written as a storyteller. I’m writing it in dialogues so it can be easier to understand and look more like an act/TV show.
  • Since the story takes place a long time after the death of our Poptropican (the hero) a lot of stuff has changed, such as the villains getting more powerful, have the ability to travel on different realms, etc. I’ll get into the history on the Poptropica Realms long after the fan-fic’s release.
  • The actual chapters will start publishing on March. I’m really sorry you guys have to wait that long, but I’m behind my schedule. Also, the chapters will be published once or twice a week, and the first few chapters will be kinda lame and short, but the rest of them will be longer (+1000 words) and more interesting.
  • You can also ask questions in the comments! If they don’t get too much into the details of the story, I’ll be happy to reply to them on my next TMAOBN update post!

Thanks for having time to read this short update post about our fan-fiction! This was Purple Claw, signing off ’til my next post! Don’t forget to stay poppin’!

-PC out!


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