Costumes We Want in Poptropica!

Hey there, Clawtropicans! Purple Claw here with another list! Today, I’m going to talk about costumes ideas we (the players)would like to see in Poptropica!


Since there is going to be only one winner on the #MyPoptropicaCostume contest, and there are a lot of people that have amazing outfit ideas, I asked members on Clawtropica’s Official Hangout, the Clawtropica Chat what kind of costume they’d like to see on Poptropica! I picked five of my favorite ideas, so, check them out below!

5. A Misha Outfit – Suggested by Tall Cactus


This might sound crazy, but it’s an okay idea. Here’s why: if you press ”Space” your Poptropican will say ”I play Pokémon Go everyday” in a speech bubble, but at the same time, he’ll throw Poke-Balls and grab his phone. I like this idea. Don’t blame me for being weird! Actually do, I don’t care.XD

4. Kirito from SAO – Suggested by DJVampiSpace


This might sound weird, maybe because you don’t watch/read whatever that is… Well, I don’t know that that is either, but Vampi showed me the design, and I really liked it. Check it out:


3. Sentry Armor – Suggested by Short Feather


A Sentry Armor outfit? That’s awesome! And with all these effects that SF mentioned? Even better! XD This idea is really interesting, and pretty impressive too! Good thinking, Short Feather!

2. Trendy Tree – Suggested by G-Hopper


This idea is pretty great, and G also used as an entry for the Costume Contest. It’s really cute, and it reminds me of Twisted Thicket Island. Nice job, Cuddly!

All these were great costume ideas, but my favorite one was…

1. Super Power Costumes – Suggested by Smart Flame


Smart Flame had a few other awesome costume ideas, but this one was my favorite. I would really like to see this on the Poptropica Store!

What kind of costumes would you like to be on the Poptropica Store? Just share your thoughts in the comments. We’re going to have more of these posts, where Clawtropicans take part too! If that won’t make you join the Clawtropica Chat, I don’t know what else will. Well, anyway, I’ll see you guys soon, whether it’ll be my next post, or Discord. Bye!

-PC out!


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