Winter Updates & Behind The Scenes at Pop HQ!

Sorry for being late! And also, excuse the dumb title. Thank you.

Hey, there, Clawtropicans! It’s me Purple Claw (or should I say Santa Claws *smirks*).

Well, anyway, I’m here to talk to you about some amazing Poptropica winter updates! Let’s get started, shall we?

Winter Outfits, Winter Island.


The new Poptropica might be upon us…

If you liked the Moana makeover Home Island had, you’ll sure love this one! Everything (and everyone) on Home Island is so winter-y. Just take a look yourselves:

Amazing, isn’t it? 😛 But that’s not all! Poptropica brought back a few patched cards and outfits at the store (for a limited time only, probably). Check them out:

The Candy Cane-on card costs 150 credits, the Little Candy Cane card is free to get, the Snow Fall card costs 50 credits, the Winter Popgum costs 450 credits too. The Snowman outfit costs 75 credits, the ”Tangled in Lights” outfit costs 125, the Crazy Candy Cane outfit costs 75 credits, the Elf costume is completely free, and so is the Holiday Ball outfit.

Behind the Scenes at Poptropica HQ!

Recently, on the Creator’s blog, Skinny Moon posted some behind the scenes info, about the official creators’ office, the Poptropica HQ! XD

The Pop HQ is located in Boston, Massachusetts. It sure seems like an awesome place! Skinny Moon was kind enough to show us some posters and merchandise from there! Check out the sneak peeks on the montage below.

Isn’t the Pop HQ great? I think it’s pretty cool! My favorite spot, from what we’ve seen, has to be the Smoothie Bar Area! Why would you ask? Well, Zomberry has to be one of my favorite islands, and I just love smoothies! Who doesn’t? 😛

Well, that’s it my friends! This was Purple Claw, signing out, ’til my next post!

-PC out!


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