Recap: Early DECEMBRRR Party


Hey there, Clawtropicans, Purple Claw here! Yesterday, we hosted an awesome Winter party on Clawtropica’s official hangout, the Clawtropica Chat! The event ran from 6:00 – 8:53 UK time. Not many people showed up, but we had a lot of fun anyway! Hope you guys like the graphic design above, and special thanks to Clawtropica author, G-Hopper for helping out with screenshots! 😀

Two awesome contests were held, which included: Best Winter Outfits, and Best Winter Fanart.


Everyone on the party had unique and beautiful winter outfits. But there can be only three winners. Congratulations Perfect Sky,  Perfect Star, and Profinator for having the best Christmas outfits!


Since everyone loves winter art, we also held another contest, the Best Winter Fanart contest! Everyone could include graphic designs, poems, and drawings! Congratulations Brave Hero, Tall Cactus, and me for making the best winter fanart!

Have you ever heard of Perfect Sky? I’m sure you have! She’s a Poptropica YouTuber that makes movies, fashion shows, and cooking shows! Since it’s winter, and holidays are coming soon, she made an awesome cooking show, the ”Holiday Bake-Off” series.

At the middle of the party, three of the contestants, Crazy Socks, Shy Heart, and Speedy Rock showed up on our multiverse room! Thank you so much Perfect Sky! You made this party even better!


After that, PS made an alt account and impersonated to be Crazy Socks. That was the bomb! 😛 We had so much fun being mean to Crazy Socks and her response was always the same: ” ThAts oFfeNSivE!!!!1111!11!”

Crazy  Socks.PNG

Hope you enjoyed this party! If you couldn’t come, don’t worry, there will be even more parties on the future! Now there’s only one thing left to say:


-Santa Claws out!

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