IofM: December 2016 Edition

Hey there, Clawtropicans, it’s me Purple Claw! December is here and that means it’s time for another duo of Islands of the Month! You probably know that by now, so sorry this post came out late! I was busy doing nothing with my life… Anyway, let’s get started, shall we? 😛


Those are some great islands!

Wimpy Wonderland is actually a member only island, but now it’s free for everyone to play! I’m not a Poptropica member, and I’m glad, glad, glad that I can finally play it! If you beat this island for the first time, you’ll earn 500, but if you are a repeat finisher you’ll earn 300 credits!

PoptropiCon is a really fun Episodic Adventure with two amazing episodes (there are actually three episodes but I really, really dislike the first one). Anyway, if you finish one of those episodes (for the first time) you will earn 500 credits! That means you’ll get 1500 credits for finishing all three PoptropiCon episodes! If you are a repeat finisher, you’ll get 300 credits for beating an episode, so that means you can get 900 credits for beating all three episodes!

Also, if you’re having trouble beating those great islands, check out those video guides below.

Well, that was it, Clawtropicans! That was Purple Claw, signing out ’til my next post!

-PC out!

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About Purple Claw

Hi! Name's John, but more commonly known in the internet as Purple Claw (or PurpleClaw750). I have my own Poptropica blog, write for the PHB, and co-run a network for Poptropica blogs. As you've probably guessed by now, I'm a big fan of Poptropica. My username is donatloul, and my favorite islands are Astro-Knights & Arabian Nights. Besides Pop, I'm also a fan of cartoons such as Steven Universe, Star vs. the Forces of Evil and more! My favroite color is purple (duh) & my favorite animals are owls. I'm ace and aromantic, and a huge supporter of love. I consider myself to be a traditional artist, blogger, writer, good friend, awkward introvert and a believer of Christ. Well, that's pretty much all I have to say... You can leave now. p.s.: feel free to talk to me whenever you want! I might not see it right away, but I check my social media as often as possible. Though, the best ways to reach me are from and Discord. ;)

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