Behind the Scenes: Shrink Ray Island

Hey there, Poptropicans! It’s Happy Lobster here, and I’ve got some interesting things to show you all.

As you may know, Shrink Ray Island, along with Poptropolis Games, were selected as November’s Islands of the Month. Basically, IOTMs are island that give out extra credits for playing or replaying; in this case first-time finishers receive 500 credits (instead of the usual 300) completing these particular, and re-players will obtain 300 credits, instead of the usual 150 given.


Anyway, as the Creators did so with an October IOTM; they’re showing us some interesting behind-the-scenes pics relating to Shrink Ray Island, one of this month’s IOTMs. Check them out!

First off, we have some curious sketches of dust bunnies, which was an idea for Shrink Ray that didn’t make the cut. It’s a shame they weren’t included in the island – I personally would have loved to see these little critters involved.


And here are two great ideas which were proposed to be included in Shrink Ray, but sadly didn’t make it into the island as well. One is a vigorous activity to do with retrieving coins, and the other is a plan for making a plastic bag into a hot-air balloon.

I hoped you enjoyed this little tour behind the scenes! Shrink Ray is an amazing island with a terrific storyline – it goes to show that the Creators’ had myriads of remarkable ideas for Shrink Ray, but only the best were selected to make the island a true classic to enjoy.

See you soon, Poptropicans!

-HL 😉


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