New Store Items!

UPDATE: Looks like the Spray Can & Tropical Beachware 2 costume were glitched when I got them and is actually suppose to be a members only item. If you try and get them now, you’ll have to be a member!

Hi everyone! The creators have added new items in the store! These items are summer themed and most likely is to celebrate the release of Moana!

There are 6 new items! A White Terrior follower and a Tabby Cat follower which are each 1000 credits, a Tropical Beachware 1 costume which is 250 credits, a Scuba Gear costume which is 350 credits, and a Spray Can, which when used gives everyone in the room a tan, and a Tropical Beachware 2 costume which are free. The Spray Can Tropical Beachware 2 costume are found right before the members only section and everything else is found at the beginning of the store.

I know I’m happy that there are now pet followers for non-members. How about you? Do you like these new items? Post your thoughts in the comments below! Until next post everybody.

-Hyper Gamer


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