Top 5 Best Poptropica YouTube Channels

Hey Clawtropicans! Purple Claw here with another Top 5 List! This one is about my Top 5 favorite Poptropica YouTube channels. Please notice that this list is based on my opinion, so don’t be surprised if your YouTube channel isn’t featured here!


Let’s get started right away…

5. KeithSammut’s YouTube Channel

KeithSammut’s YouTube Channel is an awesome YouTube channel that contains amazing glitches. It totally deserves to be on this list: it’s an active, interesting, fun and helpful channel! The next time you feel like messing up with Poptropica, visit that awesome place!

4. TheBraveTomato13

Now this is great channel! Brave Tomato is an awesome PHB author, artist and a YouTuber! Her channel mostly contains Poptropica Let’s Plays which are really fun to watch. You should totally watch her ”Revisiting the Islands” series! 😉

3. Poptropica Help Videos

The Poptropica Help Videos, or PHV for short, is a part of the Poptropica Help Network. This channel contains video walkthroughs, glitches, and other fun stuff. 😉 You should take a look at their awesome April Fools Prank video! 😛

2. Lucky Wing’s YouTube Channel

This has to be one of the best YouTube channels in the Pop community! I just love it! Lucky Wing makes Poptropica Let’s Play-s on Island that she hasn’t beaten already. The next time you’re feeling sad and bored, Lucky Wing’s YouTube channel has the cure for that!

1. PoptropicaPerfectSky

This channel is just amazing. You probably know who Perfect Sky is; she won the Community Appreciation award on the Poppies 2016! She makes Poptropica fashion shows, movies, segments, etc. Her channel totally deserves to be #1 on this list, cause PS works hard making original and amazing videos!

Well, that was it, Clawtropicans! Hope you enjoyed my Top 5 List! Stay tuned for more! 😉

Pen Pineapple Apple Claw out!



25 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Poptropica YouTube Channels

  1. Honorable mentions: Garchomp Gaming a channel like is not active anymore but had some enjoyable poptropica videos.Only problem is he somethings uploads non poptropica videos.The Poptropica Channel For some reason the creators moved Channels.The only good thing about this channel is old footage of poptropica back in 2009.Poptropica glitches and chests help. This channel is inactive and I do not know why 😦 this poptropica channel is good because there is lots of ASGs videos you can find. Supertalkcam this channel posts lots of great videos about Poptropica like top 5s realm speedbuilds playing in common rooms and more! The only problem is the top 5 videos and tips and tricks videos can all be done in a blog so the best thing from supertalkcam is the common room videos and the realm speed builds. THere are alot of good poptropica channels out there!

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