New Halloween Goodies

Hi everyone! There are new Halloween Goodies from the creators. First, the creators have added a new costume to the store, a delightfully creepy puppet costume! It is free to members and 400 credits for non-members.

Also, the wheel on Home Island has been modified to have a Halloween theme. The prizes from the wheel is still the same. Skinny Moon warns that you’ll need lots of credits soon so go and spin the wheel!

Last, if you go to the arcade on Home Island there is now a gravestone. Click it to go to the Haunted House mini-quest. This is the same Haunted House mini-quest that you could go through with the card found in the store. Complete it and you’ll get credits and a Zombify costume/power. If you press Zombify, all other Poptropicans in the room will become zombies. If you press customize, you can turn yourself into a zombie. Also there is a lot of costumes at the end of the quest that you can customize!

The creators are also planing more Halloween goodies for us so watch for more coming soon! Until next post everybody.

-Hyper Gamer


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