IOTM – Halloween Edition

Hey guys! Phantom Claw here! 230252187152809985


Since it’s October, it’s for another duo of Islands of the Month. If you don’t know what I am talking about you’re just weird.

I am just kidding! 😛 No one is weirder than moi! Well, anyway the two IOTM are Monster Carnival and Mythology Island.


Monster Carnival

Monster Carnival has to be one of the scariest islands in all of Poptropica. It has to be one of my favorites. You can check out our very own guide here. If you prefer a video guide check out the one the Creators made:

Mythology Island

If you think this island isn’t scary, I am sure you haven’t played it yet. Or you just can’t remember Zeus’ face. Because it’s scarier than anything else I’ve seen.

Well, that was it Clawtropicans! That was Purple Claw signing off until my next post!

-Phantom Claw


7 thoughts on “IOTM – Halloween Edition

  1. i hang out with a bunch of weird people. Still i’m pretty sure i’m topping the mark.
    And these islands! i did mythology a while back! It’s not that hard, honestly. true, everyone likes tricking Lucky the gullible…
    And I love Monster Carnival! Haven’t done it yet, but i can’t wait! It can’t be all that scary, right?
    Why are you all shaking your heads and laughing hysterically?

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