Poptropica Reviews: Poptropica’s 9th Birthday


Enough lying. This was awful. I just can’t believe you, Creators. No, no this is not a rant. This is a review. A Poptropica Review!


I can’t believe I am actually reviewing something.

Let’s get started right away…

The Party

The birthday balloon hunt is a Poptropica tradition. But this year there was no balloon hunt. 😦 Poptropica always did interesting birthday parties, but this one wasn’t even a party. This was just sad. I know the Creators are busy with the new Pop, but still this is their 9th birthday we’re talking about! Are they lazy or busy?

The Prizes

I personally liked the 9th Birthday Hat. I love cats. They are adorable. The birthday balloon was great too, it just didn’t change colors like the previous birthday balloons. 😦


I give Poptropica’s 9th Birthday…

2.8 out of 8 stars.

Last Words Final Thoughts

I am really disappointed in you, Poptropica. This wasn’t what I expected from you. This could’ve been a really positive review if you could just work a little harder. Anyway, if any of you Creators are reading this, I’m really sorry. 😦

Well, that was it Clawtropicans! This was PC, singing off until my next post!

Purple Claw


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