Poptropica Magiswords Ad

Hello there, Barefoot Hammer here. Today I am going to be showing you the Magiswords Ad from the Poptropica app. But before I begin, I just want to say that I’m sorry I haven’t been posting, it’s just that school has gotten me a little more busy than I thought it would. Now, to the Magiswords Ad. Here is what it looks like from the beginning:


You start by going in a building that says “Warriors For Hire” and you then find the girl (I’m sorry, I don’t know her name) and you talk to her. She says that Phil (the other guy) has hidden the Magiswords and we are to find them. That opens up a mini-game.

The goal of the mini-game is to find all of the Magiswords (duh). The game is pretty easy, all you have to do is walk around the scene in a circle to find all of them. After your done, you gain these prizes:


Well, that’s it for this post, I’ll see you guys again soon (hopefully) thanks for reading!

-Barefoot Hammer


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