Round 4 – #PoptropicaArt Finalists

Hello, there. It’s Happy Lobster here, exhibiting the finalists from Round 4 of the #PoptropicaArt contest!

So, you might recently have noticed a new post on the Poptropica Creators’ Blog. Being busy, the Creators postponed revealing the final round of finalists and the overall winners of the contest from its initial date. But, because of this, and the fact that they’ve received so many entries of astounding calibre, Poptropica has decided to release an additional, but final, fifth round of finalists, from Twitter – giving a greater opportunity for more to win!

Also, take a look at the amazing art entries from the three other previous finalist rounds, announced earlier, from Round 1, Round 2, and Round 3.

Below are the entries of the lucky finalists of Round 4, which have been selected fromInstagram this time around. And the finalists of Round 4 are: beanskelly, beebearie, cbroxton, esyla0212, foshurr, julia_henry_la, sterlingwolfy, yazz-_-minne, yun_goi and yuneiko_.


Brilliant work, huh?

Congratulations, finalists! And if your art hasn’t been showcased in any of the finalist rounds yet, Poptropicans, don’t fret yet –  you still have one more opportunity to be a finalist, and therefore have a chance to be an overall winner of #PoptropicaArt, so stay tuned to the Creators’ Blog for the fifth and final finalist round, and the overall winners to be released.



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