Middle School: The best Poptropica ad ever!

Hey Clawtropicans! It’s me Purple Claw and I wanna let you know that there is a new ad on Home Island! It’s about a new movie coming soon, called Middle School: The Worst Years of my life. Yeah, I know the movie doesn’t sound very interesting, but we can like the ads, right?


ms2Anyway, all you have to do is enter the building on the picture above. So, if you go to right you’ll see a pink hair man which, unfortunately, is the school’s principal. If you talk to him he’ll tell you that you’re in big trouble. Dude we always get in trouble. This is Poptropica we’re talking about! By the way, don’t forget to watch the trailer. 😉

Anyway,  go to your left and talk to Rafe, which happens to be the main character of the movie and then the giant principal will come and chase you. So yeah, this ad is a minigame. Here’s a video walkthrough, made by the awesome Lucky Wing, who runs a YouTube channel:

All you have to do is run and jump. Pretty simple. After you complete the minigame you’ll earn two prizes: A Paint Gun and a Whoopsie Cushion. Nice try Creators, there is already one Whoopsie Cushion at the store.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this ad post, if you did, please like and comment. That was PC, signing off until my next post!

Purple Claw


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