Clawtropica Is A Now Part Of The PBN!

You guessed it right Poptropicans! Clawtropica is now a part of the PBN! What is the PBN? Well, it is the Poptropica Bloggers Network! The Poptropica Bloggers Network is a network (Well, duh) started by Hyper Gamer and owned by Hyper Gamer and me. PBN’s goal is to bring exposure to active Poptropica Blogs! The Poptropica Bloggers network is currently affiliated with two other blogs: Poptropica Fun Zone and Tall Cactus’ Poptropica Blog.

The PBN is also looking for more blogs to join! You get benefits such as a place for people to find blogs, have your posts featured and more stuff! I also made a chat, The Poptropica Bloggers Chat! If you wanna apply to join the our network, visit this page here.

PBN Logo.png

Purple Claw


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