Hiring Authors!

Hello everyone! Purple Claw here. And I really need help. As you saw in the title, I am hiring authors! If you wanna join the Clawtropica blog, you have to follow a few rules. Check them out below.

  • You need to have a Gravatar / WordPress account to join.
  • You need to have an Email (Example : yourname@poptropica.com)
  • You have experience in blogging? Which are the blogs you work on?
  • You need to be active on posting here on Clawtropica.
  • Do you go often to Discord?

I need like three more authors. PLZ GUISE! I really need help right now! If you wanna be an author, PM me on Discord or comment here.

Well, that was it my friends! That was PC, the greatest Poptropica blogger ever.

Purple Claw out!

P.S. I added three more guides on the Island Guides page. Lucky Joker made them. Thank you LJ! 🙂


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