Pete’s Dragon Ad on Poptropica!

I know, I know; I said I wouldn’t do ads that often, but I had to do this one because, again, the movie seems interesting to me. Before we get started, I’d like to say that I actually like the walk in ads. I find them more eye opening and fun! They’re much better than the ones, where you simply watch a video to earn prizes. Without out of my hair, let’s get into it!

The Ad is advertising Disney’s remake version of it’s own original movie “Pete’s Dragon”.

Upon walking on Home Island, you’ll see the ad in it’s usual spot and Pete standing Poptropica Disney Pete's Dragon Ad Screenshotsoutside.

Go ahead and walk in, and let’s see what we’re up for. When you walk in, click on Pete start the mini-game. What the goal is, is to help Pete find Elliot. What we really want to do is beat him in a race to find Elliot.

Poptropica Disney Pete's Dragon Ad Screenshots.pngObviously, click start to start playing. You simply have to click and drag your mouse to the right o the screen to run, and jump over obstacles. In this case, they’re animals like: Bears, Eagles, Owls, Beavers and Bobcats. Here’s a video play through to help you through it.

They even added a cool graphic after finishing the end. We get a cool shot Elliot flying. Winning the game, you earn two awesome prizes: A swishing tail and flying wings

Poptropica Disney Pete's Dragon Ad Screenshots.png

There are even ways to go to their page where you can purchase tickets. I thought that was pretty neat. To get there, just click on one of the posters in the room The film premiers in theaters, Friday the 12th of August (U.S.) in 3D. Are you going to see it? Share your thoughts in the comments. Thanks for bearing with me through my Ad posts. I just love them. Talk to you guys later! 

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