#PoptropicaArt Contest, Round 1 Finalists!

Hello art-tropicans! Purple Claw here with some great news! :3


Can you guess what is it for???

The creators announced some finalists for their Poptropica Art contest! Awesome! The finalists are: anne14tco, Colette L., Criaha C., Purple Claw (YAY!), Perfect Sky, SydVC and Perfect Lightning.

Well here are the drawings showcased on the creators’ blog:

All these drawings were awesome! Mine was the best! Lol, just kidding! The truth is I can’t decide which is the best! How about you? Which drawing do you like the most? Share your thoughts in the comments!

So, that was it art-tropicans! Don’t worry if your drawing didn’t show up yet! You have the whole summer to draw! Don’t forget: The contest ends on Labor day!

Purple Claw out!

P.S.: I know this was kinda short, but I am really busy and I have limited time on posting these days, so you have to wait for my review to some out! Sorry!


4 thoughts on “#PoptropicaArt Contest, Round 1 Finalists!

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