MOTM updates Photo Booth


Hello everyone! Lucky Joker here! I am here to report something awesome I saw on Home Island today. Poptropica has been pretty frequent with the updating lately, and yet another one has arrived. Pretty cool right? The advertisement is a repeat, promoting the “Mystery of the Map” graphic novel series, but this time– it’s expanded further! Poptropica now allows us to create different photos, with some of Poptropica’s icons, in the Photo Booth! Being the curious Poptropican I am, I went ahead and looked at what cool options they had in store. They have tons of cool props and characters to choose from.

Check out a few of the masterpieces I made today:

MOTM Photobooth 1.png

In this scene, Oliver annoys Mya as she tries to relax. Meanwhile enthusiastic Jorge, takes a dive into the water!

MOTM Photobooth 2.png

 Take a look at those angry, violent barbarians chasing away poor, innocent Lucky Joker.

MOTM Photobooth 3.png

Here you see a not so dense Dodo mocking his foggy companions, as he enjoys his appetizing buffet!

I had a lot of fun creating these images. Which one was your favourite? It’s fun to put together different characters and backgrounds to create totally fun and wacky pictures. Well, that concludes this post and I’ll talk to you guys again soon.


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