My Top 5 Favorite Islands

Hello guys! PC’s back with another top 5 list! This one is for my top 5 favorite islands! If you haven’t read my previous list just click here. Anyway, let’s get started, shall we?


5. Astro Knights Island

Ah, Astro Knights Island. A classic, but a hard one! Well, you all know Astro Kinghts is one of the oldest islands and it is filled with adventure, right? It shows the Poptropica’s solar system and I find that really cool. Who wouldn’t? Also it has boss battles on every planet which makes it awesome! It is one of the most creative islands in all of Poptropica.


4. Monster Carnival

Yes, I like this island. Before you punch me in the face I want to tell you why I like it. OK? Now put me down and let me continue. Well, this island had a lot of glitches and many players can’t continue playing it because of them. BUT I won the island no matter what glitch came in my way! I tried hard and finally that swell golden medal was in my hands! I mean in my inventory. Also it’s the first island I have beaten without a guide. This island has a beautiful art style and nice gameplay too!

3. Mythology Island

I loved the island because I am really into Mythology. The fact that Zeus was the villain was mind blowing. I didn’t know what to expect from this island because it wasn’t like Greek mythology is. It had a lot of changes!


Look how huge I am you little grasshopper! Hehehe… 😛

2. Red Dragon Island

Well, I am sure you knew this island would be in the list. 😛 The reason why it’s not my top number 1 favorite is because of the unbeatable Red Dragon!!! It took me like 6 hours to beat that disgusting beast. Anyway, besides that everything else was wonderful! I really enjoyed the gameplay! Also, being a ninja is amazing!


1. Zomberry Island

Berries, zombies and Gamer Guy! 😛 Yup, this island is my favorite mostly because one of the craziest poptropicans are there. (Y’all know who I mean 😉 ) Also, the zombie apocalypse made it awesome and it has great messages for children: Fruit is bad! Don’t eat fruit or you’ll become a zombie. Totally awesome! I wish my parents would take that seriously. It is for my own good! 😛

Well, that was it my friends! What are your top 5 favorite islands? That was PC signing off until my next post! 🙂

Purple Claw out!


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