Thank You So Much Everyone!

Sorry for not posting in a while guys, but I will be more active now because as you can see here…


Yup, my blog was nominated for the Poppies! I didn’t expect that at all! Thank you everyone for your support! I wouldn’t be here without you! The craziest thing is that Clawtropica has been here for only two months! That is a really short while for such a great achievement! 🙂

Hey, voting is now up! Please vote this blog! I would really appreciate that! Here is the link to the voting survey. I hope I win! 🙂

By the way, the amazing Ultimate iPad Expert AKA Paul AKA Meme King made a badge for the best active fan blog nominee which is now on my header! I am gonna keep this forever if I don’t win. 😛

Well, that was it poptropicans! Don’t forget to vote for this blog and stay tuned because I am planning a top 5 list post! 🙂

Purple Claw out!

P.S.: What do you think of my Poppies outfit? 😛



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