My Top 5 Least Favorite Islands

Don’t get me wrong: I love Poptropica and all the islands. This title says ‘’My Top 5 Least Favorite Islands’’ and not ‘’The Top 5 Islands I hate The Most’’. So yeah, don’t get offended because your favorite island is on this list. It is my opinion. So gets get started with the list. (Please notice that this is my first top list).


Anyway all thanks go to Shaky Skunk (Adelaide Queen) for the logo!

5) Galactic Hot Dogs Island

I am sure many of you thought that this island would be on the list. But it wasn’t that bad. The colors were amazing and the art style was different. But the story doesn’t make any sense if you never read the book before. Also there are many details that are never shown on the island like: What went wrong? We don’t know! By the way, HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE THAT THE WORMHOLE DIDN’T GOT ME AND F.R.E.D?!?


4) Skullduggery Island

The storyline of the island was incredible – I really liked the fact that Captain Crawfish was the threat of the seven seas. And I loved the fact that you get to sail your boat. BUT the bad side of the island were the TRADES!!! The biggest part of the island had to do with those neverending trades. Also, I am not a big fan of pirates. So yeah… 😦


3) PoptropiCon! Episode 1: Line Forms Here

Episode 2 and 3 were good. I really liked them. But seems that episode 1 is the black sheep of the family. The only things you do are: Do favors to other people to enter a toilet and change costumes. Ugh… -_-


Do you know it’s rude to tell a hero that always saves the day ‘’You can’t cut in front of me’’? Grrr…And it goes on and on until you finally get to the restroom just for a hammer. Not to mention what happens next…

2) Arabian Nights Episode 1: How Bazaar

Still, episode 2 and 3 were good. The first episode had no adventure, no nothing. It was all about trades just like Skulldugerry. Episode 3 had trades too, but it was filled with adventure. Also episode 1 was a copy of the story of the 40 thieves. The only thing I liked was the soundtrack.


1) Mystery of the Map Island

I loved the graphic novel – I really did.  It was ever better than the Poptropica Comic that we all miss. The island was just… well, not my type. It was boring and nonsense (my opinion). It would be good if the island was just like the graphic novel! The only nice things were the soundtrack and the return of the blimp. I don’t want to be meanie but I didn’t like it.1

Well, that was my top list. If you want more of these by me like, comment or follow! I will see you guys soon and have fun at the party! Without me…Whatever. 😦

-PC out!


14 thoughts on “My Top 5 Least Favorite Islands

  1. Update! The BFG has come to Poptropica!

    Here is what the game looks like.

    You’re supposed to catch all the dreams. The dreams look like little colored floating orbs.

    this is the prize.

    You’re welcome! 😀

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