Finding Summer

Hello guys! And guess what? It’s summer! C’mon Singing Warlus, let’s hit it!

Yup! What do YOU like to do in the summer? Tell in the comments!

By the way, after I saw this freaking beautiful nonsense post on the creators blog I thought that Poptropica doesn’t have that kick as it used to, but since it is our favorite game we should respect that the Poptropica Creators are super busy and they want to keep Poptropica active so that’s why they are making Crisis Cavers, at least that’s what I think. But if you are bored you can check the PopBored page to find other things to do!

Before I sign of you should know that there is a new ad on Pop and it is a lot more exciting than the last one. Here you get a handed item! So let’s see that ad, shall we?


I can’t wait to see the movie! I bet it will be awesome! But I am here to tell you about Poptropica, right? So here are the items that to tell if you see both videos:

OK now, the second one is ugly. Just look at it! But I liked the first one! We haven’t seen a handed ad item in a while! So anyway, that’s how I look with both items:


That was what I had to say! Until next time: The wonderful and the best PC.

-PC out! 😉


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